Headquake's Offroad Park


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Awesome sauce sir. Cool to see it all from a few different perspectives. The mind's eye doesn't always do these trails justice. Hope to be out on them again soon!


It's me again.
Capturing all the Trails essence in elevations and obstacles.
Looks To be A hoot. I imagine just changing trucks keeps the challenges of it unique also.
Huge thumbs up Here ya lucky guy. Really like the rocky spot near the end.... ::2thumbs


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If I had access to such a property, I would quit working and never return from the trails!



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Very inspirational as always Rick. I was able to follow along most of the way. I can appreciate the work that goes into maintaining it. I did a long loop trail which I dubbed the camel trophy trail; it's a nice diversion from the manicured section of my park but the forest quickly takes back the work you put into clearing it. But you've motivated me to keep at it...

Nice map too.... I seem to remember a conversation about the creation of your maps and the effort that goes into the accuracy... not to mention in today's digital cartographic world... they recapture the art of map making and just... well.... look cool.


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Great video! I loved the change from head height to rig height at spots. Cool to see the different perspective.
Your trails are the best! I noticed some of the trail has moss on it which gives a very scale two track look. Is that naturally growing in those areas or did you transplant it there on purpose?


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Scale offroad track update - October 2015

Decided to document the track from my eye perspective in a longer form.
Something i can watch during the snowy winter months for some meditative comfort.

Grooming and riding the track in the way that i do is very calming to me.

I taped the gopro to my forehead and shot six laps in each direction.
Simple edit with no cuts during each direction, shot and uploaded in 1080p 30fps.

Here's a few recent pics too.
Autumn is the best track time of year for sure.








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So don't be alarmed when you find some creepy guy living in a tent somewhere in the trees, that way I could play on this awesome playground whenever I wanted. Lol.


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Hello friends.

I spent the last few weeks working in the yard for spring clean up. One of the things i did was a few days worth of track work.
First i pick up all the fallen branches, then rake all the old leaves and pine needles off the track and grassy infield areas.
The dirt's all soft and loose in the spring so this is the best time to do any work on the layout. This year i decided to keep the same layout as last year but to just fix up the surface and build more hills and cambers. Was still lots of digging and stomping.

Anyhow, all done now.
I've been riding it for a few days and the grass is starting to grow.
Good times in nature.

Here's a bit of 60 fps vid with my poor old SC10. The rear shocks are destroyed. Ha.
Just riding on springs but its still a fun ride.


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I'm pretty sure you could make a brick sail through that course Rick. Looks awesome as usual. I come out and visit soon?

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I've been seriously thinking of getting a Associated SC10B for a go fast RC. Your SC10 on this track, I believe, has pushed me over the edge here Rick. I think a rwd buggy/truck just looks and acts so nice and dramatic.