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Hello, in the last week, i've started the annual reworking of my backyard track. I really love this track. The land is beautiful and the earth is soft and fertile. I don't just love it for the awsome RCing in allows, i love to work it and groom it. I do gardening and landscaping as well, and like those things, i treat this track as art. I love shaping the perfect dirt and grass, weaving and banking the track through the trees.

The track is on the peak of a hill, most of which is on a 40 foot wide bit of poplar trees and tall field grass and a few turns that go into the woods where i also have a good acre full of groomed trails.

I took on finally making this track in sept 2008. I first used a gas whipper snipper thing and cut an area out of the tall grass. Then i actually dug out most all the track surface grass roots with a shovel and made a few berms and jumps. It was only half the size that it is now, about 30 by 70 feet with the track width varying between 3 and 4 feet. Pretty tight but lots of fun for my first track.

Heres how it looked that first year.


That winter, i decided i would make it alot bigger and in the spring of 2009 i started slowly adding to it. Widening out the track to 4 to 6 feet, building up the berms and extending parts of the track down into the woods, made the track grow to about 100 feet by 70. I used it alot last year and it got worked in really good. That field grass really wants to keep growing through the track, so it would walk around it almost everyday, pulling out grass with my hands and digging out exposed roots and rocks. Rakeing the track smooth and stomping it with my rubber boots.

By the time autumn was here it was in perfect condition and looked like this.






Heres one of the videos i made of it in september 2009.

So over this past winter, the track seemed perfect but had a few parts that i wanted to change. It was mostly all right turns, it was still a little too skinny and since the middle of the track area is higher and the east and west parts slope down, i thought i could take more advantage of the elevation changes.

I measured the track all out in the autumn, and drew up this scale layout. (the small circles are trees)


I printed this out on a bunch of of sheets of paper and had 4 months of crazy trying to come up with a perfect new layout for 2010. Its really hard trying to decide on a perfect layout. I must of sketched out 100s of different designs.


Any how, last week i finally decided on one and started digging. The orange in the pic is where the new track will lay. The whole thing will be widened to at least 6 - 7 feet. The red lines represent new berms or jumps. The double crossover part will be one lane jumping over the other and also being jumped over if you follow. The crossover will also creates a nice left turn in the woods.


The digging whole new areas out with a shovel is hard work. Great excercise though. Good way to get rid of the winter creaks. The hardest part though is saving any grass i dig up and moving it to another part of the track. I don't want there to be any dirt showing thats not track. I hate the look of ugly pipe lined tracks, grass is the way to go. I just cut 1 foot square chunks about 4 inches thick, and move them to cover up old unused track segments. If you do it this time of year, and give it a good soak, it'll be nice grass in no time and you wont even know the track used to be layed out different.

Another thing thats slowing the process down abit is what i call iceburgs. Just the tip of a rock that sticks out of the ground abit too much, so you start digging around it for removal and it ends up being the size of a basketball. Here's one of the smaller ones. I took out 6 in an 8 foot square area. Nice rocks though.


I'm gonna get some pics of my progress and post them up tomorrow. After 4 full days of digging, im about half way done. Its looking good so far. Supposed to get rain this week. That'll help set the dirt and grass abit.
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gorgeous bro ..i wish i had that kind of room and imagination.


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Its been raining on and off today but i got a bunch more work done this morning. Heres a few pics. In the first one you can see the mostly finished north section.


Heres the main crossover taking shape. Going left to right, you jump over the lower lane (six foot gap), loop around in a 270 degree right turn, then go through and jump into the woods where you'll turn left 180 then jump back down over again coming towards the camera to the left. Still gotta build that last part.


Then, landing from that last jump, you go into this wide right hander.


While leveling out that turn this morning, i came across another little "iceburg" that was going to cause a problem. I started digging out around it for removal and it just kept getting bigger. Ends up its the biggest one yet. Its alot bigger than it even looks in this pic. Its kind of flat like a giant smartie. Youre seeing it here from the skinny side. Man rocks are heavy.


I got it to move slightly with the shovel, which is a good sign. But i'm gonna need to wait for a buddy and some pry bar set up to get it out. Wish me luck. More updates to come.


excellent layout so far! you making the track wider to accept larger vehicles or to race friends?


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Yeah, a bit of both. Till now you could only see the whole track if you stood in the middle. Not ideal if youve got more than one person riding. In the 2nd last pic you can see an old bit of track with a log laying on it, this is where i may build a small stand for racing from.

Also, it was a little tight for 1:10 stuff. My B4 was fine on it but the SC10 seemed too restricted. Should be better now.

BTW, i gave up on the last rock. It totally won. After a few hours of cursing and sweating, I did manage to get it abit deeper though, so i covered it back up and it should be fine.


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Alright i'm pretty much done the main layout of dirt and grass moving. Had some rain but not too much, last few days the dirt was a nice packey dough. Very nice to work with. Lots of shovelling, stomping and removal of roots later and its starting to look pretty good. Still got to do some rakeing it out to remove more of the little ruts and stuff. Also need to go steal some dirt from somewhere in the woods to build up a couple of the berms.






Supposed to be nice and sunny this weekend. I'll get a few of the trucks out for a test ride. Can't wait till the grass starts growing up between the lanes, gonna look alot better.

I also got a wheelbarrow full of rocks out of the track and added them to my ever expanding rock climb trail by the house. :beerchug:



Thats some pretty sweet work there for sure great job man :luxhello:


I wish I had a big back yard :mecry: now stop posting these pics and taunting me :fighting0092:


Very nice, what a beautiful layout. I too have begun transforming my back yard into a mini R/C proving ground. Not too big, ( 20 x 50 ) but a nice tight technical track for my SC10. Rock garden is now underway. Your creativity is very inspirational, thank you for posting your pics.



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Headquake's Rock Garden

Besides building and playing on my track this spring, i've also slowly build up this rock garden next to the house. I carried all the big stones one at a time from an acre away, downhill in the woods on the other side of a wooden fence. Took me about a month doing 4 or 5 trips a day. Good excercise indeed.





Theres lots of different lines varying in steepness but its set up pretty mellow for scalers. A comp crawler would have no problem at all. Its quite a challenge for my Chevy though with its new trail tires. The swamp dawgs are great tires in the dirt but not the best on rocks.


why do i live in edmonton . (i dont know )
but that sure does look like a great place to live.


man how much land do you own...I gotta come see ya with all my toys..lol...awesoem job man!


Maybe take up knitting.
I vote for playday at Head's place... let's plan it (and get the invite! LOL!)
Real good job there, man... even my wife wouldn't mind a rock pile if it matched the landscape like yours!


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So in the last couple months the tracks all worked in nice. The dirts packed hard and the grass has grown in so much that its needed a few trims already. Its field grass and it grows 4 feet tall if you let it.

Ive built a few more additions recently. I extended the corner back around the tree in picture "D" and built up a nice steep berm. Really helps keep up the speed for the big jump. I also made a whole new left turn bump section that you can see in the back of pic "E". So now the track is basically a long straight with lots of criss-crossing back and forth through it. Makes for lots of nice left and right turns and also alot more length to the track. Really flows nice and has lots of variety. Might be a criss cross crash senario with a few trucks racing together but 99% of the time its just me alone anyhow. I still drive from near the middle of the track but i don't have to spin in circles anymore. Much better.

We've been having a perfect amount of rain here this year too. Keeps the track nice and solid. The earth is so nice here that it soaks up the rain and drys out quick.

Im a lucky cat. :biggthumpup:

Heres a new scale sketch of the track as of today. The letters represent the pics below, the arrows are the direction the camera was pointed.










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Allot of work, especially with only one or two at a time. Looks great though, like a dry riverbed.
I'm going to have to get real creative in our new place to create something to play on.