Halme keeps on Bashing - My bash videos about bashing the bash out of the bash!


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Hello friends and enemies!

I used to be a reasonable guy but now I am a basher for life! In my new work I have now a.. hmm.. opportunity to test and blast some of the latest toys we get in to shop and try to make some videos out of them. I know that everyone loves to drive recklessly or simply "enjoy" seeing some faster driving so I decided to put my soulless bashing videos under one thread.
So.. Please let me know How is my Bashing!? :coolred:

Ice balleting the new Maverick Quantum+ XT Flux

Team Corally Shogun 6S Full blast - no brains type of "having fun"

Axial Bomber. (this was actually part of my work application)

Good old Axial Yeti Splash Bash 5 years ago. Old slo-mo video with my brothers.

Who knows maybe one day I will finish one of my scale projects..

Greetings, Halme


It's me again.
Your having way to much fun bashing.
Jealous ......:smoke:.... I am.
Love the area you get to thrash and bash in....Perfect indeed.
Please send me all the dirt piles in the three vids. Only looks like about 180 yards or so.

They all look like great tough trucks though, First Vid must be very robust in those cold looking temps too.
Keep them coming my good friend.
Makes me want another Wraith on 6s and brushless........:hmmm: or maybe two.:laughing:


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Hey 2Beers and thanks :) Good to know that someone still appreciates good old brainless RC action!

Dirt piles on their way! Due customs I will have to send them one grain at the time via DHL so it will take a .. moment :laughing: Stay patient!

About the cold temps.. I ended up to broke the wing mount and rear axle finally. You can see wobbly tire in video and a impact that caused it at 1:58. But yeah these modern trucks start to be what they should be!

Please upgrade your Wraith with overpowered electronics! Would love to see that ::2thumbs

Have an extra! Just for you my friend, just for you



It's me again.
Giggling like mad.
Even my wife had to chuckle.
Your crazy in a good way.
Thanks for another fun vid.


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Thanks for comments guys! :)

I really like my work here at the shop - here is my latest video and it is my first "real" review also. Big up and huge thanks for Matt @ SBG and Bishop RC Crusades for giving me confidence and ideas for yo-tube videos.

Team Corally new Sketer 4x4 XL4S bashingmonstermegabuggytruggyhyperracerbrainlessbackflipwheeliepopper in a true test!

But maybe I should build some RC too and not only bash? Should I?

Greetings, Heikki