Garage redo!


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As I get back into building again Ive really been missing my old scale garage, its a real let down to work hard on something and then post a pic of it in front of a messy workbench haha! Anyway, I liked the layout and features of my old garage a lot so I actually want to stick to the same formula - just bigger and better! Old garage for ref!-(end-of-messy-workbench-pics-anyway)

First thing I wanted to improve on was how rough my interstitial space was on the old one. I decided on some simple trusses rather than large main beams

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Lights couldnt really be improved on much past just doing a better job on them so I got busy on those too

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One thing I was lacking before that I could tackle was ductwork! So, I wanted to put some in - 40" worth!

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Played around with a few different things I could cut up to make the duct taps - ended up using beer cans

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I wrapped styrene strips to give it the spiral look

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Built diffusers

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hit the whole deal with metallic silver (except for the diffusers) and this is where im at now (this is upside down for now of course)

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Now we've got light fixtures hung! Once they are right side up they should hang nice and straight


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Details at the roof cannot be overlooked! Great work.

Yes! Thank you!!

Heck yeah man! The one thing scale garages often miss, roof detail

Thanks dude! Heres hoping its the extra punch to put this one over my last garage!

Did some trapeze hangers for the ductwork

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Also put some tails on my lights and ran them to junction boxes/started running conduit

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Electrics look great!

Thank you so much!

Ok, so last time around I built my door then masked/painted - this time around I did it differently and I thought it was worth sharing;

First I built the frame to take the wall as a slot on a scrap piece of styrene

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then the finished product slides into place

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Anyway, here is a pre-light shot

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I had had to snap some shots with trucks to see how it looks! I wouldnt call this done - but its done enough for me to move onto other projects and do little bits to this here and there

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Man that is a high dollar shop, and spotless! Must have been a good crew you contracted. Hard to find electricians with that much attention to detail. You should get them to installed some of that rubber baseboard you see in industrial buildings.

Great work man, I have wanted to get a shop together for awhile, for now I'm happy to admire others work.