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Converting my G2 chassis to leafs and I am trying mitigate as many issues as I can. I am a complete noob to leaf springs. So, to you leafy fellows:

My G2 Cruiser is heavier than stock (driver, spare, 5k mAh 2 cell, lights, and some scale boxes etc...). I currently run 70mm Pro-line scalers (for an appropriate ride hight). But they look waaayyyy out of place on this little aged beauty.

I just purchased the G2 spring conversion kit, but I am unsure of the approximate ride hight I will see from the springs that are supplied in the kit. In a perfect world this new suspension will droop into the gaps, but still have a little room to still spring up for bumps (I hope that makes sense, maybe 70/30-ish).

1. Should I purchase a different spring pack to help achieve this?
2. Do all TF2 springs (SWB and LWB) fit this G2 conversion or just the SWB?
3. Should I keep a 70mm length for the shock absorber (internal springs will be removed, if any) OR should I use 80mm, then tune with the fuel tube mod?
4. Any Shock absorber? ...I prefer oil filled shock absorbers so I can tune-in that super sweet scale 'bounce back' that tickles my fancy.

Any advice from you guys with leafy G2s would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks gents


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This looks like a question for pardonmyn00b, as he's done this conversion. That said, with all RC4WD trucks, I rarely run all three springs. Usually the smallest helper, on top of the main leaf, rather than underneath it.

Uncle Sir

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Good point. If anyone has their PhD in leafs for this truck, it?s probably him.

The SBG video on leaf sprung trucks was very helpful btw, thank you!

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