Fork Oil as shock oil


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I just bought a liter of Fork Oil. Comes in all sorts of weights. From like 15 wt and up. And just filled my shocks up. Works great looks the same. And is like 20 dollars a liter. I'm going to run it awhile and see if there's issues. But I feel like all those little bottles I've bought 2 ounces at a time might have been a waste of money. Pretty sure it's the same stuff.

From the web

Developed to provide exceptional viscosity stability, anti-friction and anti-foam properties for use in all high performance suspension systems, including damping rod, cartridge, bladder, conventional and upside down forks. Bel-Ray friction modifiers increase lubricity for minimum stiction and for more responsive handling.

Formulated for front suspension forks
Reduces fade for smooth operation
Eliminates stiction and drag, improving fork action
Anti-wear and anti-foam
For front forks


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Baby oil also works well in many applications. It's highly purified mineral oil.
And it smells nice.