economical lipo charger?


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Well... my nimh isn't fitting in my Gelande very well so I'm considering Lipo. My current charger won't handle Liop which is one of the reasons I haven't considered them. I've been looking at the genace 2 cells at hobbypartz. they seem pretty reasonable. They have a couple chargers in the $40 range. Has anyone use them? Reccomendations? Thanks.


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I haven't, always have used Hyperion... not so economical but a great charger.
I'm nervous about the more affordable chargers doing damage to $100 batteries but that's just me.
Would love to know of a budget charger to though as I have to send a simple drag car up to my dad. He'll be needing a charger and battery to go with it and the fact that he'll only use it around the shop, the high dollar stuff would be a waste.


chicks dig small trucks
Thanks Kevin, I saw where you had recommened the Hyperion on another thread & checked prices & would prefer to go that route. budget is tight at the moment & just can't seem to find a place for my old fasion 6 cell in the defender.... hmmm.


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I think you'll like the Lipo technology once you get in it. The Hyperion makes for an easy transition and balanced charging.


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I also have a Hyperion charger and it is my favorite. Big money though (as was mentioned).

Last year I bought a charger from Hobby King.


found here:

I have no complaints at all about this charger. Very happy with it. Feature wise it does most everything my Hyperion does except measure the impedence of the pack. The best part is that it is less than $40


I've got a mystery unit that charges everything from NIMH/NIcad to lipo and my lead acid batteries ... when I bought it 4 years ago it was around $90 + AC power adapter ... now they are on ebay for like $30 with all the leads... basically the 'non clone' Imex B6 (I believe) is what they are now... and will power off a 12V battery (aka your car in the field)


chicks dig small trucks
Thanks guys. Some good options for sure.

I ventured into the world of SCT with a Blitz kit & Castle SCT brushless system so I'm looking at lipo a little more seriously.

I guess I have to build a track now... I've never gone over 4 mph... this should be interesting.


Maybe take up knitting.

I have 4 of these, and passed on another 4 to other people. Uh. It's $12. It works great when you are not in a rush. This charger puts in 650mah, meaning a 6500 battery would take 10 hrs. Most of my crawl batteries are in the 2200 range, and are about half done when I park them, so after a couple of hours it's ready to go. Plus it plugs into the wall directly and no power supply needed. Charges using the balance port only, so in some cases (like the Raven JK where the battery is under 100hrs of other work) the battery stays in the truck permanently and I charge it with the balance port extension.

And I have a Hyperion Duo II also, which is also my favorite charger, and I barely use it. It is sick though.


chicks dig small trucks
Just a little update here for anyone else looking to upgrade to lipo (I'm so behind the times). I bought the IMAX B6 through Amazon & they instantly refunded my money, no questions asked.

I then purchased a Hyperion EOS720I NET 3 AC/DC and am real happy with it. The interface is easy to use, lots of memory, decent horse power for an internal power supply.

My advice: do your research before you buy. There are a lot of opinions out there & it's not a one size fits all deal. lot of variables & worth doing a little googleing before buying.