DIY driver figurines?


Hey folks!
I've been looking for nice and articulated scale figurines to buy, but they're either too expensive to be a reasonable choice (especially with shipping across the globe) or the quality is low-ish... or both these factors combined.
After dissecting a few 7-15$ wrestler figurines I came to the conclusion that in the end the only parts that are usable are heads and maybe palms of hands.
Then I found a few printable stl files of heads and hands and made the entire figurines myself. The problem is - they need to be printed on SLA printers, as FDMs lack the resolution and it requires a lot of time and effort and skill to get a good finish - I don't have patience for it.
So here are a few of the figurines I mad.
The idea is very simple - cut torso, butt and upper parts of legs from some dense foam - no need to be too precise, just get the general shape. Sometimes the proportions have to be a bitt off as not all scale interiors of the models have the right size, so some dwarfism takes place here and there.


I usually make arms from some rope, M4-M5 nut for elbow and cocktail straws for straight parts, then just glue the palms to one end and the arm to the torso. The result is a very easy articulating hands that create no resistance on the moving steering wheel.
As legs and feet are not too visible in most models, I either use some spare feet from figurines organ donors, or also cut them from the foam. For the legs themselves I also use some rope and cocktail straws.

This guy has an SLA printed head.


The problem for me is to make a custom stitched clothes - but as on the trail they don't seem to be too visible, I make do with what I can.

I've found a way to make the head turn and not fall off - I bore a hole from the bottom of the neck, put a 9g servo in the torso, and screw a C part made from ball end plastic part - usually from some old link ends I don't need or broken, stripped thread, etc. Then I fill the cavity in the neck/head with hot glue and press the servo moving part into it.


Here these 2 guys have DIY bodies, one has the Tamiya driver head, the other has a head from some wrestler figurine. Both have their heads moving, and the steering wheel also turns.

And finally - I've found a good and cheap source for very high detail heads. Found these on aliexpress, they come either as statues or key chains. There are like a dozen different personas - different heads. The size is just right for 1/10 (1/8-1/9) rigs. And they cost under 2$ each. Haven't used them yet though.


Please feel free to comment and share your DIY figurines and techniques of making them.


Scale jack inspector
Nice work! I don't have pics at the moment but I just recently made two figurines for my C2 YJ truggy. I used metal wire for a "skeleton", wrapped some bubble wrap around it to beef them up and had my girlfriend make some overalls for them. I took heads from Axial parts trees and 3D printed boots and hands. I try to remember to post some pics later.