daniel builds a Tiny Yota - RC4WD 1/24 TRAIL FINDER 2


I got one of the new RC4WD 1/24 TRAIL FINDER 2 - cause I like Yota's.

The driveability of it out of the box didn't fit my driving style - so I started to tinker with electronics.

My first fix is to use the Motor of a WARN Winch - and a Tekin B1R (that I used as winch controller previously so it had the right plugs)
Now it drives like a 1:1 Marlin but has a allmost to little wheelspeed - a 1:100 and a 1:150 Gearbox commin to my house soon. (the warn should be around 1:300) - and if this is not good I volt up to 3S

And I painted the bedliner black in a hurry so it looks a bit better.

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a brand new Warn become the donor of the Motor/Tranny Assembly.


even with parts of the winch still attached it all fitted nicely.


This is that it looks like at the moment - do you know an expert that can clean up my wires ;)


The next thing that was not adaqute to my miserable driving: the body mounting system!
I simply touch rocks to often!

A) use CA to Bond the Velcro to the Body and the mounts
B) build a body centering device

IMG_20211124_223049 (2).jpg

IMG_20211124_223223 (2).jpg

IMG_20211124_223247 (2).jpg

IMG_20211124_223418 (2).jpg

IMG_20211124_223439 (2).jpg
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Wow, nice work! From what I've seen this little guy needs lots of help, shame they didn't do a little more testing and release a better product.


Thank you for the feedback - next on the agenda was quick fixes against the Toy look - the all Black Grill was a bit dispointing on the footage I created!


The best solution for none painters ;)


I guess that should look better now - still not sure about how to paint the body - we shall see.


Looking much better - despite the interior was not installed in that picture.

Next on the Agenda:
* find a driver that fits - so far things in our house where mostly too big.
* test more Motor/Transmission options that should hopefully arrive later today.


Somehow this thing really triggers me ....

... today I got 2 new Motor/Tranny units - both 3S capable



Next to the stock unit they are the same size.


The Warn Motor in the middle is a touch shorter!


The 1:100 that I tried now has a tranny - that would need a shorter screw or the screw touches the gears - I failed to cut one in an usable fashion!
So I am running just one screw for now - other than that it works!

To say something positive I think it is a brilliant architecture that you can swap in Motor/Tranny units that you can get at any corner, many options!


It's me again.
Great read.
Really enjoying the small changes.

I'm looking forward to picking a couple of these up soon,
So keep getting the better changes figured out.
I'll be stealing all your ideas and progress.


Some day I'll be both revered & passe like Madonna
Any intentions to paint or weather this one? I see a lot of potential and the improvements are considerable, but it still looks very toy-grade to me. I think its the colored plastic.


Any intentions to paint or weather this one? I see a lot of potential and the improvements are considerable, but it still looks very toy-grade to me. I think its the colored plastic.
Yes I want to paint it - but first I wanted to see if it is a keep or not!
The chrome grill and bed liner helped a bit but not fully!


It's so disappointing that you need to do all of this. But I'm glad you are!
I somehow seem to like those missions - making the MF01X survive a RECON G6 was a bigger challenge - in reality it only needs a motor - and I have to say the architecture with the industry standard tranny/motor has loads of advantages - but you need to choose one that is good for your drving style.