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In my search for the perfect scale 1.55 tire for my 1:9 Pathfinder build, I ordered a set of RC4WD's Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws. The diameter seemed perfect. As soon as I could, I mounted one.


pretty good, but I wish they were just a bit narrower. Time to cut:

And not glued, but the two halves resting together:


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Thanks, guys!

So long as the tread has a pattern that is repeated on the other side, you can make cuts with an exacto. I used the knife for the first side, then switched to sprue cutters for the other.

I used the BSI IC-2000 CA. It's not as flexible as I was assuming it would be, but the tire still flexes decently. It's shiny, so you'll want to try to avoid getting it all over. For a traditional diameter-reducing cut-and-shut, I bet the seam could be sanded to minimize the appearance of the seam.

I'll have to look into the trim adhesive method. If people have experience with it, let us know what it's like.
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If you have torn window trim. Use a toothpick and you can seal the cracks in the rubber. It's fast and strong. Not sure how flexible though. It smells like it's working. Super strong off gassing.