Custom and Commission RC Builds


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I started building custom scale trucks almost as soon as I got into RCs as an adult. For years I built trucks for my local clubs members. This allowed me to enjoy the hobby of RC building while not spending all of my money doing it. Eventually I had most everything done for my club and realized I needed to figure out a new model, if I wanted to keep building so many RCs. This is where I decided to start building and selling customized RCs. The goal was and still is to make enough money to offset the builds I am doing year round. Not a great business model I know, but I have a full time job and this is thankfully still a "hobby" for me.

Another goal is to promote our local club (EPA Crawlers). I am the VP of the club and one of my duties is to work on bringing new people to our events and grow the club. One of the ways I do this is by documenting my builds, as well as our events, on our YouTube channel This exposure has meant that I now get requests to build commission pieces for the RC community.

In short, I am here to offer my services to anyone who needs some help. In general I don't like doing the same thing twice. I think this is good for me as well as keeps the new owner of the RC having a unique piece. If you need some RC work or know someone who does please pass this along. I have a Facebook page called Wesmade and am on Instagram as @Wes_made. I can be contacted at