Candidate for a build - Marx Big Bruiser COE Tow Truck


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Kicking around flea markets in south Mississippi with my wife and found this. Considering the number of builds that have been done with Tonka trucks, I think this one would be a great candidate - for someone else - not me! This is the second one I've come across in the past 6 months, the other in much better shape. That's rather surprising since I haven't seen any since I was a kid circa 1967. I merely post it to put it out there. Maybe it's a "been there done that" thing and I haven't seen it yet. It's big - estimating 1/10 scale 24" or so long and about 9" or 10" wide. Those are 12' floor tiles under it.

Big Bruiser Tow Truck 1.jpg

Here's a nicer one on eBay:
Marx Big Bruiser Tow Truck.jpg

And a view of a chassis also for sale on eBay to get an idea of the workings.
Bir Bruiser Chassis.jpg

It has a wired remote and it controls everything including the winch. They were asking $32 (the remote is still attached but not shown) for the one I found today and I think $40 for the nicer one I found a few months ago. (That one was complete and only had some peeling stickers. I think it may have sold. I'm happy to put an interested party in touch with the locations to see what kind of deal you might get.)

I remember these when I was a kid as being sort of a rich kid's toy. I think my cousin (whose family had some bucks) may have had one. Fun to see them again.


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That's a really cool looking ford COE truck. I knew Marx was really big into making tin toys, but didn't know they did much with plastic

I could totally see you throwing a set of dollies under a crawler, and towing it away with that rig. Maybe even go really crazy and do a rollback towtruck, or make it a 5th wheel semi with a flatbed trailer?

I've been keeping an eye out to find a similar looking (and much smaller) one that Nylint build around that time.
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Bill Maryka

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Thats an old Ford COE. I love it. I have been looking for a STL file online so i can print one to build for myself.
Great find. đź‘Ť đź‘Ť


That is begging for a conversion !!!
There are a lot of old toys out there that look and work great as an RC...


If your asking me..?? hard to tell...With kids toys they picked a size more than anything else, so it fit a child's hand and where they could put in some detail but it didn't have tiny pieces to break off. Plus sometimes making something to "scale" didn't always look quite right in toy form so they would "fix"it and streach things out or shorten them up ...
About the best way to figure out where it falls is measurements.... I look at the tires and wheels then see what scale fits best. or if you have the measurements of the real thing you could work backwards....