Broken Dog RC Offroad Park


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This is a project I have started and restarted several times. The goal was to build a utah'esque setting with an old mining town. The first time I started it was in 2017 and it was a major fail, I used really old portland cement and logs as a base. I than decided to re-concrete it all in 2018, it was going great, than at the end of the year my oldest daughter had some serious eye problems. So for the last four years it's been doctor, test, doctor, but I'm glad to say, knock on wood, she's doing well, she's on immune suppressants but hopefully as she ages her immune system will settle down.

So now I'm ready to not only build the track but get back into RC's.

Well this is my tiny part of the world, I have two sections, one is the barren area with the cement rocks and the other is the wooded part of our yard behind our fence.

I've added a few bridges but no buildings yet. I've decided to resurface all the concrete rocks and make a more cohesive scale truck trail over them, so I'm waiting for cool dry weather, we finally got some cool weather down here but november and december tend to be a lot of rain, no good for concrete.



My sons Boston terrier passed away last summer so we got him a pup from the shelter, so I added a security fence to the track. You can almost see her watching over by the wheelbarrow.


Once the fence went in my termite problem stopped.


So I've been working on the wooded area. I have no real plans or theme, my oldest wants gnome fantasy land, she's 21 going on crazy.

I'm thinking interconnecting trails that lead to truck trial destinations. Lots of wood structures, maybe a few concrete boulders.

We also ride our mountain bikes back here, it's very small and technical, but good exercise., So some of the structures are for the bikes.


It stays shady and wet back there so everything I build has to be able to survive the climate of a swamp. I may add some buildings,
but I'm not sure how many because of the leaf litter. Of course I first have to learn how to build scale buildings... :)


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Wow, you have quite a nice piece of property there. The mountain bike area looks fun (makes me want to take my BMX out there)... and Ill be looking forward to the RC area evolving.


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I got to do some driving and take some pics before the rain came in today. This area is the first wood obstacle area I've built,
I plan to add more ground obstacles under the wood area. I'm trying to keep it from just being bridges,
I want them to be almost impossible for my stock redcat.

This is a quick build montage of the wood obstacles.


Our area is pretty flat so I'm digging holes to add variety to the terrain and of course building bridges.


I figure if a stock Redcat can do it, just about any scaler should be able to, as long as you aren't afraid to fall.





Taking the Yota out for some mudding.










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Well it's been busy here with the holidays and I bought me and my son Elden ring, so that's been our life for the last few weeks. I hope everyone had a Great Holiday.

We've had a lot of rain so I've postponed the concrete work and gone back to bridges in the wooded area.

I want these bridges to have an old railroad look, I've always liked garden railroads, but I'm not that big into trains, so I'll use some of the fantastic garden railroad builds out there to help inspire me.

If anyone builds garden railroads, please excuse my engineering, I'm learning as I go.




Need some guard rails, I tried a couple of designs and settled on this one.




Time for a test fit.



Now it's time to distress it, I liked the way it looked, but driving over a bridge with no obstacles get boring pretty quick.





This should be fun and challenging, and once the area is finished I'll spray it grey or something to look old.



Where'd I put that 2mm driver?
I'm definitely going to be following this. I've been throwing around the idea of building a course and it looks like we've got similar terrain. This looks great!


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Wow, that's a lot of work right there! Impressive structures, love the old railway idea!


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nice job!:loll:
you guys are lucky to have so much beautiful place to go or the place to do so nice trail in your backyard!


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Thanks everyone, and I have one of the best wives ever.

Well it's raining here, better than snow, but still hard to work in.

I have been getting some work done on the old railroad bridge, here's a quick clip of some of the progress.