Bills Garage


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Hey Guys,
This is something i started in March, Im finally adding it here.
I am still working on it here and there, but for the most part all the bones are there. All the studs i cut with a olfa blade, so that was time consuming to say the least. I wanted to add the effect of having an adjoin building behind it, at Christmas the kids got some construction toys and the brickwork was a part of the box, so i used that and the clear plastic for the windows. i added a led strip to the back to also simulate, an ally light. The Shop lights i whipped up in tinker cad, seeing that's my design skill level. I bought a bunch of files for shop equipment, printed and painted them up , im pretty happy with how its coming along, can always add/change things for sure.
thanks for looking.


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It's me again.
Looking amazing A.

Those figures are sweet, and all your pony's in the shed Look fat and happy.

Off to a wonderful start on this. Good stuff.
Keep it coming please.