Back to basics - leaf-sprung FJ40


I've recently been bitten by the scale 4x4 bug again, but I have a history of starting grandiose projects, buying half of what I need, getting in over my head, and giving up because I can't make it work... so this time around, I'm just keeping it simple, and building a couple of good basic rigs to enjoy running.

And here is the first one. It's a hodgepodge of SCX10 and RC4WD Gelande chassis parts, with Cross-RC leaf springs and an old set of TLT axles.


Atop this will sit a Tamiya Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser body. I thought about the RC4WD Cruiser body, but this was a fair bit cheaper. I'll do the best I can for an interior. Again, trying to keep it simple and not go crazy. Paint will be blue-gray with a white top, working lights, and as much detail as I can muster.


Got the last of the running gear today, so I should be able to get it drivable soon. LEDs are leftovers from a package I bought to do the dashboard indicators on my MGB; there are 2 white, 2 red, and 2 yellow (fog lights).


More soon...


Have hardly had any workshop time since all this stuff arrived, but I did manage to get this chassis driveable:


and figure out a spare tire mount. It's plastic, and a little flexible, so I probably will re-make it out of aluminum. But I wanted to see it up on there.



Putting it in "H"
I like the varied bits that you're using to build with! Looks like it has a great stance already!