B3E Designs now offering custom CAD design and 3D-printing services


I've been somewhat out of vendor-ing for a little while now, but figured I'd get back into it.

I am happy to announce that B3E is now offering custom CAD design and printing services.

I can design pretty much anything you need for a build; be it interior pieces for a custom build, 3d-printed functional items (such as wheels, frame crossmembers, or transfer cases), or basically anything else you can imagine.

Once the design is done, I can print the completed model for you (or multiples, if desired), or simply send you the file so you can print it via Shapeways, your own printer, etc.

Anything that I design, you will be the full owner of upon payment, and I will send you the finished file in multiple formats.

In addition to printing things that I have designed, I am also happy to print files that I receive from others. Purchased or designed a cool 3d-model that you haven't had a printer to make real? I can definitely help. My printer has a quite large print area, and I can always split models into multiple parts too if needed.

I primarily print in black or white ABS, which is more heat resilient than PLA and can be glued with standard styrene glue.

Pricing is as follows (CDN $):

CAD design - 30$/hour, min 1 hour for most things.
Printing - 5$/Cubic inch, min 5$.

In the past I have designed and printed parts for GCM, Krawler Konceptz, and others.
A couple of examples of previous work that I've done: