Axial Capra on TRX-4 frame


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hi everyone !
I hate to work on the Capra because the cage has no space and everything is stuck together.

I checked with a trx-4 frame that I have and it looks like I could transfer everything on the frame
and mount the servo on the frame instead of the axle.

Someone already did that for sure..what problems should I be looking for?
Is it possible?



Putting it in "H"
First, this is not a build thread, so please place your posts in the proper place. I've moved it for you.

Second, not sure what you'd gain by doing this that a standard TRX4 or SCX10III couldn't do. The axles are pretty wide on a Capra so any body you put on it would look quite strange. Are you going to four-link and have the servo on the chassis? There's no pan-hard mount on that axle so you'd have to make your own. Not saying any of this couldn't be done, but maybe explain why you'd want to do this so I better understand what result you're after.