Are PHAT axles better than ARB axles?


Total Noob but trying.
I have to replace the axles on my D90 because like a fool I went cheap on my axles and they are failing on me. No amount of shimming is helping so I am thinking they are just badly made.

I am wanting to know what would be the best axles to use to replace them on my leaf sprung D90.
I have looked at ARB and PHAT axles but would like some input from people with more experience please.


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Not sure what you are referring to as the ARB axles. RC4WD makes ARB licensed diff covers for just about all the axles in the market.

You are likely looking for narrow axles like the Yota II and the Phat BRX90.

The stock dog bone and cup setup in the Yota II axles are basically garbage. The cup breaks at full lock and heavy load. They make CVD upgrades that improve the steering angle and I haven't broken one yet.

I can't speak as to the quality of the Boom Racing stuff, but they seem to run CVDs out of the box and run helix cut diff gears

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What the hell was that?!
Go for the real deal RC4WD if you can. Those axles are clones of theirs with even worse materials. Yota II From RC4WD would work with your D90.
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Total Noob but trying.
Thank you guys. Made the clone mistake once, definitely don't want to cause more damage by doing it again.


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If you are going for the RC4WD axles, consider their K44 version (which come with the CVD stub axles included) - they are a bit more heavy duty than the Yota II design, same width, and have the mounts for leaf springs too.

I've just put a set on my FJ40 with leaf springs, and also have a set on my Baja Blazer too.