Anyone sell fully built interior for trail finder 2


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The interior kits from RC4WD are not that difficult to assemble, although if you're looking for something fully painted and don't feel you have the patience or skills to do the kind of job you'd like, perhaps you could ask/pay someone to build one for you?

Otherwise another option if you want a partial (ie. not full depth) interior more than just the dash which comes with the Mojave body set is to use the one piece Tamiya HiLux/Bruiser interior plate perhaps (you can typically find them on Ebay for between $12-20 depending) - that includes the dash (and steering wheel) and a bench seat, with a moulded 'floor' portion between them the hide the electronic underneath... not as nice as the proper RC4WD interior kits, but easier to detail and fit perhaps?

Hope that helps...


ps. I see that RC4WD still offer a separate bench seat for the [2 door] Mojave cab too, so you could fit that along with your existing kit dash, and just make your own floor section from styrene to connect the two?


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Fully assembled, no. But the RC4WD interior is molded in black and only needs a few bolts. Don't even have to paint it if that's what you're concerned with.


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I’ll probably but buy the kit. And give it a crack at putting it together. Since my midnight edition has the full dash kit already I just didn’t want to have to waste parts that I’m not going to ever use. I guess they can be trade items for other scale parts. I’ll go a head and order it on Amazon. Will upload pictures soon. All my bigfoot decals will be here tomorrow so I have that to look forward to doing.