Any tips on making scx10 ii shocks work good and not leak ?


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I have been in the hobby for 2.5 years . Started with go fast cars and ended up with a Wraith about 2 years ago . Added a bunch of bolt on upgrades and I mean a bunch . The only stock part left is the skid plate . So now I really want to get into scale trucking . I ordered my first kit . An Axial scx10 ii . One of the things I've herd and seen on videos is that the shocks suck balls . Can anyone give me some tips or tricks to make them function well and not leak ? Any tips would be great . And I'm a noob to this forum . Planning on trying my first scratch built body on this frame . Shooting for a 79 Ford f150 . But ill start a build thread when my styrene arrives .


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I used a bit of losi green slime on the bottom o ring all you need to do is take the cap off where the shaft slides through and dab some on with a q tip. I also emptied all of the stock fluid and filled it with 15w shock oil, 20 will work the same and just watch a video on youtube how to rebuild the shock

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