Another LIPO newbie question


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Recently got my LIPO. Its a hard case 2s shorty 5000mah 130c battery. I noticed some clear wrap around the battery case and took it out thinking it was some kind of non important plastic. I'm reading about shrink wraps for soft LIPOs but this is a hard case model. I'm seeing other hardcase batteries without any of these shrink wraps. Logic tells me the hard case is more than enough to protect it and wanted to ask if I just ruined the battery! In any case I may order some shrink wrap and put it on it necessary in this case? BTW I read the instructions and there was no warning against taking this off. To me it was just a typical wrapping material with the only function of protecting the battery inside the card box and nothing more. Forgive my ignorance and perhaps my silly preoccupation with this issue. Thoughts?


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It's fine. Inside the hardcase is just a soft lipo. The case is just 2 plastic halves. It doesn't do anything. If the plastic held the 2 halves together just use some tape.