A few Rally videos from Belgium

Peter of A.

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Hi there,

I don't post often, but I spend a lot of time on this forum, reading, and watching your builds, witch are awesome by the way. So, well, today, I decided to be brave, and post some of my modest videos I did with a bunch of friends. We starting to have a decent group of drivers here.

We are more RallyX than CZRally (we don't run behind our cars). So, here is my videos, hope you'll enjoy them.

In the rain



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:rock: Can I come hang out with you guys? You've got a good thing going on there. (When we rally, we also like to stand still and let the Tx/Rx do the work.) Thanks for posting!

Can you give any pointers on how to make such nice straw-bales?

Peter of A.

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If I can come to Armature Alley, you've a spot on our track :D

About the straw-bales, we found them a couple of years ago in a rc-farming event, but we can't find them anymore. It's a pitty, they are awesomly scale ! Saddly, we tend to loose at least one of them on evey rally. Too much banging :(

We still trying to source the device witch built them, and, once again, this year, we'll go the this event, trying to find the guy with the bales maker :)

This is not the easyest way, but I guess we'll have to give it a shot pretty soon seeing how fast we smash ours...
(vid?o is in french, but you don't really need to understand)


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Great 'how-to' link! Thank you. I've really been wanting to make some realistic bales for a long time. It looks like the guy in the video might be using cut up rope or something...

See you at Armature Alley!;)


Maybe take up knitting.
These are really good, Peter. Please keep adding to this here, we love these. Great inspiration and ideas for our own tracks and RC fun! Thanks!


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I have sisal twine downstairs!2thumbs Thanks for your help, Peter, and best of luck with your moving plans!

Peter of A.

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I have sisal twine downstairs!2thumbs Thanks for your help, Peter, and best of luck with your moving plans!

So, did you try with your sisal yet ?

New video is up :

forgot the straw-balls this week end tough :/

Porsche is really rear engine mounted/rear wheel drive (M06), so, it was a bit harder. Most of other are XV01.


Putting it in "H"
Good stuff! Nice to have some friends and organization. Watching all this on-road makes me want to put one together again.

Peter of A.

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Is the Porsche a Tamiya body?

How about the black rally car; It looks like an Escort MK2 (?).

I think you've already seen it but here's the successful straw-bale outcome (thanks for your initiative):


Yup, saw your topic about the straw-ball. It looks awesome ! I'll really need to build my own device like yours !

About the bodies, the Porsche is indeed a Tamiya 934 (I've been told they get hard to find and kinda expensive ?)


Chassis is a classic Tamiya M06, extended to the max, and switched back A-Arm to the front, and rear are now TL01's. You still need a bit of offset on the rims tough.

Pretty common rally car back in the days.


And the black rally car (witch is actually midnight blue) is indeed a Ford Escort mkII. You can find the pretty easily on eBay from a Norwegian guy. We have a lot of them, as we really like them, but they are super easy to break !


You need to cut the front bumper on the XV01 to fit them as they are quiet short nosed. Like the Rally Legend's 151.

We had a black car tough, the Quattro :


it's from Carson.


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Great cars! Thank you. I'm quite smitten with the Escort but $75 (shipped) for a fragile body could be painful..

Peter of A.

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You might be able to find them in a LHS or something ? The brand is Retro Racing.
Still, for that price, you won't get the windows masks. You just get a few sponsors stickers, front grill, and rear sticker lights. Plus a set of wheel (minilite like) Those on the Vaillant Escort up here. And body is split in half. You've to glue it (front clip/rest of the body). So, yea, at the end of the line, it's an expensive fragile body.
There are a few more pictures if you want :

with HPI vintage tires. Fit waay better the era of the car.




an attempt with some M-chassis wheels.

the real one :

All those aren't mine tough. Credits goes to Evoced, but I don't think he is registered here.