7" female drivers?


I've got a TWS CJ7 on the way, and it's going to be built as "Daisy's Jeep", with no hardtop and no doors. Because it's going to be wide open, I need a female driver that hopefully makes a convincing Daisy character, and I'm really hoping to come up with something that's about the right size. Based on the 252mm wheelbase (which is slightly larger than the CC01 Tamiya TJ Jeep), this comes out at around 1/9.5 scale, so close enough to 1/10 scale. This would translate into about a 7" figure, but most of what I'm finding is 6" or 8". 8" is way too big, and I think a 6" character is going to look too small.

Is anybody aware of some decent female figures in the 7" range? is 3d printing going to be my only option?

I did find this, which I could print, but getting it to look good will be a bit of a struggle.