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certainly watching this one too! Would love to make a full cage one day for a trophy truck or class 1 buggy. Can you get ahold of that IFS on its own, or did you have it spare?
Thanks man! I was initially looking at the Losi Baja Rey IFS as you can buy all the front end parts new, or just buy a shitty second hand car. I ended up using an IFS from a Vaterra ascender twin hammers because it was the right scale size in terms of track width, and you can buy all the dress up jewelry like aluminium A arms etc. I also went the Vaterra twin hammers route because a roller popped up on my local marketplace.


scale_custom_crawler on instagram
I spent some more time getting the front bar work sorted and in proportion. I wanted something pretty aggressive. It took me a few attempts and a lot of un-brazing (Is that a thing?).


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Love the look and proportions of that front barwork :cool2: :biggthumpup:
I'll bet you're glad you went the extra mile with all the.......... "debrazulating"?......:hmmm: :loll:


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Am liking this!!! Good chop, cut, rebuild and fab story all in one thread!!!! Looking forward to more progress.