3D printed wheels maybe?

I'll be honest, out of the hundred or thousands of wheels available in the full size world and the RC world I hate 97-98% of them. The Snowplow isn't going to see high speed or any jumping so I think a 3D printed wheel should hold up. So I opened up FreeCAD and spent a few hours working on a wheel design and ended up with a two piece design. This makes it easier to print and requires so much less material for support and that means less time to clean them up. Just a basic 10 hole Alcoa style super single

Glued the two halves together and will use Tamiya modeling putty to smooth them out. Printed with 4 shells, 20% infill and in what Cura calls Dynamic quality. They are 1.7s that are 35mm wide with a 13mm offset. The hex walls are 2.5mm thick.

3D printed wheels by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr

3D printed wheels by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr

I have them up loaded to my Thingverse page if anyone wants to try them out.


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Very cool, have you thought about adding an internal beadlock ring to go between the halves?