1995 Ford Bronco - "Close, but not exact Mini Me"


Did someone say "Bronco?"
It?s looking great!

As a suggestion - if you wanted to move those Warn freewheel hubs out a little more to fill the chrome covers, Hot Racing make a set of M4 size spacers in different thicknesses - as long as you have enough thread on the stub axles, which I presume you have?

I *might* actually have some nylon spacers around from some switch/outlet plates that I could use. There is plenty of thread left to engage with a spacer of a mm or two.

More please.

Love coming to look at this body and thread and direction it's headed.

Thanks! Not too much to report, though my self-implemented deadline is looming closer :worry:


Did someone say "Bronco?"
Smaller update. Been bouncing between projects with a bathroom remodel taking priority.

Got the bumpers sanded a bit and hit with filler primer as well as the mirrors. Gonna let those cure and add another layer to help fill the print lines.



I also think I finally got the body work and paint to a point I'm happy with for a trail beater. I still have to get rid of the orange peel and hit it with some clear, but I think it's decent!


Had to pose it with the real Bronco (sorry for the vertical photo, it was saved from Snapchat).


My self-imposed RC4WD Go Scale Day deadline is close! This Saturday! I've got a laundry list of things that in no particular order include:

- Chrome the headlight surrounds, buckets, and grille.
- Chrome the bumpers.
- Paint the tailgate trim aluminum.
- Emblems and badging.
- Mount the front and rear plates.
- Paint the turn signal lenses.
- Chrome the rears of the tail lights.
- Swap to the wagon wheels.
- Figure out window glazing (with tint).
- Possibly install inner fender liners.
- Drive it!
(and I probably have forgotten a couple)

I promise, the next update will have the body on the chassis as I have the mounts sorted out along with riding on the wagon wheels.



Did someone say "Bronco?"
I can hear the clock ticking down....

I've gotten the body to a point where I'm happy with it. I could go ahead and color sand the orange peal and then clear coat it, but I'm telling myself it's a trail beater versus a shelf queen. Maybe I'll build a second body as a light crawler/show truck...


As promised, here's the body posed on the chassis with the wagon wheels! I am in love the way the 1.9 wheels look with the 1.55 Grabbers stretched over them. The top is still being held on by battery straps here. :ohhh:)


I went searched a bit and found a lot of people liking the "Chrome" that Rustoleum has. I took the gamble and used it for the grille and headlight trim. It's not exactly chrome and has a decidedly flat luster. I wanted to airbrush the chrome parts with the Molotow Chrome refill, but haven't experimented with it yet.


The tailgate got some Krylon "aluminum" on the its trim panel. The '92 thru '96 F-Series and Broncos had a black "reflector" on the trim. That will have to be replicated in the future.


After paint, we moved to the windows. I made up some templates from a cereal box and traced them onto some thin plexi. I have yet to cut it out.



CCHand was kind enough to produce this sticker set for the TRX-4 Bronco with some B-R-O-N-C-O decals that are about the right size for the side windows of the cap. The font is the '78 and '79 year style, which is pretty close to the '92-'96 font, and in turn is similar to the '21+ font I have on my side windows. AKA: Close enough. I'll be using the white decals that are barely visible on the sheet.


To hold the cap to the bed, I'm using JG KwilWeld in Dark Gray. I used this particular one mostly for the color for filling in the gaps when gluing the cap on.



I may only be able to get the body mounted tonight and call it good for the event. Simply put, I'm out of time. Tomorrow's weather is inclement (typical Pure Michigan, just wait five minutes!) so we'll see if I get to participate in Go Scale Day. I may have another update for y'all tonight, time permitting.


Did someone say "Bronco?"
Wow! That looks fantastic and I especially like the non-show room finish...more realistic that way.

Thank you! It's growing on me. Kinda like a version of my truck if it was in the same condition less rust. Speaking of realism, I have really been considering using these files to build bucks for forming metal panels akin to what Metal Masher has done on his builds.


Did someone say "Bronco?"
While I didn't get the "Mini Me" completed in time for the Go Scale Day event, it was still done enough to hit some trails and get some "scale" shots. After I fixed the 1/1, that is. It decided to reject a motor mount something hard core when I was heading out to the park to get some shots. Once that was done, there was enough sunlight to attempt some halfway decent shots off the side of a road nearby.

Attempt #1 to go out for some shots:


Then attempt #2 after the 1/1 was done with its temper tantrum:


Now I'll shut up and show you some trails and rocks:








Now this is far from over. More to come soon!


It's me again.
My eyes are happy.....;)

So nice seeing this little truck..I know I've said it a bunch.

Just super cool and different.
2Beers Fiver!


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Hey somebody else is doing one of these! Looks good! Ya know, I have a resin printer and I’m going to just print a perfectly clear( well I’m tinting mine pre print) and seamless run of the windows- would you like a set? I’m scaled to 104.66 on mine.


Did someone say "Bronco?"
Hey somebody else is doing one of these! Looks good! Ya know, I have a resin printer and I’m going to just print a perfectly clear( well I’m tinting mine pre print) and seamless run of the windows- would you like a set? I’m scaled to 104.66 on mine.
Thanks! I'm currently reworking the files (to the best of my abilities) so for windows, I'm just using some lexan painted black from behind. I'll have to check out your build!

nice bronco. With tinted windows will be bad ass suitable for bank robery or police run :-D
Thanks! And tinted (a la limo tint) windows are coming soon!


Did someone say "Bronco?"
It's been a while since I've worked on this one. Real life got in the way a bit.

I got some lexan (I had thin-ish plexi, but it was too rigid), cut it out, hit the back side with some black I had laying around. I got the door windows and windshield glued in but I think I'm going to redo the windshield at some point as it isn't sitting in the frame nicely.



Here's a little "inception" funny for y'all. Took it to a LHS to show off when I picked up it's new sibling.

Next to it's new sibling.



Next up is to tackle the bumpers. I have to reprint the rear after I fix my resin printer, but the front is glued up, awaiting the push bar and mounts before chrome-y goodness happens.