1:64 Bronco Diorama


Did someone say "Bronco?"
With the Christmas Holiday looming ever so close, I set out to create a gift for a close friend of mine. We had become friends through Bronco ownership quite a few years back. I wanted to make her a gift that combines two of her favorite things: Her Bronco and her Horse. In the past, I have done some 3D prints for each in some way (Google 3D printed lithophane for example) or another. I decided to build a static diorama with those fancy 1:64 scale 5th Generation Broncos that GreenLight Collectibles has been releasing recently as well as some 3D printering stuff. I'll be brushing up on my rather lackluster landscape skills from past model railroading dioramas and layouts with this, too. Follow along as the journey progresses!

A rough sketch of my idea with basic notes. Apologies for the it so light, apparently my scribbles don't photograph well.


The diorama will be encased in this baseball display case sourced from Hobby Lobby. In hindsight, I should have gotten something slightly larger in order to add some vegetation and such, but I didn't want this to be a huge display.


The stand-in example (I had already disassembled and stripped the donor model prior to photos). These little trucks are amazingly detailed and are pretty accurate to a degree.


And done.... I kid, I kid.


More in a few, gotta organize my photos for the class presentation.


Bad and naughty trucks get put in THE CUBE. But I've been meaning to make a diorama for one of my model tanks. Look forward to seeing the choices of debris er- foliage used.


Did someone say "Bronco?"
Firstly, here's a shot of the 1:1 for inspiration next to mine. It's been hard trying to find the blue in the right hue for her Bronco, the one I have is pretty dark.


Here's some 3D printered goodies. The skull and horse were files sourced from the interwebz.


Here's the model blown apart. It's from three trucks. The body and grille/headlights was a CHP truck with a lightbar on top (holes are filled), but no rear spare (hers is mounted internally); another red and white Motorcraft Bronco donated its base with the silver wheels (not chrome) which also has the side steps taken off as well as the tow hitch and it's front/rear bumpers, and the interior was from a two tone blue and white Bronco with the spare on the rear. I can't remember which one the top came from.


Primed in white to hopefully make the blue more vibrant.


The chosen color. The can warmed in hot water makes the paint thinner and easier to apply in layers.


And painted.


Reassembly started.


Being an XL trim, the floor of her truck is rubber. So this one gets a "rubber" floor, too.



With its lid on.



The body and chassis married, happily ever after.




Up next is the diorama base. It'll be a quick and dirty one, fairly simple with a few details.


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Sharp looking start! Your friends gonna love it!!!

For a second i was hoping this was a micro rc car, and an offroad layout to drive it on


Did someone say "Bronco?"
Sharp looking start! Your friends gonna love it!!!

For a second i was hoping this was a micro rc car, and an offroad layout to drive it on
She did! I gave it to her last week and she was over the moon.

That is still on the books ;) I have the files from the Mini Me Bronco build I've got going that I have scaled down to put on a micro-micro (close to 1:64) that I've been working on. My issue is that these super teeny RCs aren't full suspension and such. I think I'm just too picky.


Did someone say "Bronco?"
Sorry for the delay over the weekend, apparently my festivities started Thursday so this is the first chance I've had to sit at a computer.

On to the base. Cut out some foam from a random sheet I had (probably some packaging from remodeling this past spring).


A quick mock up of the Bronco and the horse.


Added markings for the two track and the fence posts.


This old Dept. 56 foam cutter is the bomb. Used it to cut in the ruts.




You can barely see it, but I took a coarse sanding block to the field part to slope it slightly for variation.


Then covered the slab in Sculptamold, smoothing it a bit before it dried.


Slathered some brown on for a dirt undercoat.


After the "dirt" dried, I planted the fields. Some scenic cement and fine blended turf did the trick.


Up next, more fine details!


Did someone say "Bronco?"
Some detail bits, AKA more 3D printering.

I found some mirrors for a TRX4 78/79 Bronco online that I scaled down to 1:64ish and resin printed. Ford used this style mirror well into the '90s.



Lest we forget the Aero-style mirrors, I printed some for future projects as well. These were sourced from the Mini Me Bronco files.


Painted with a Molotow pen.


And installed. A dab of CA on each leg holds them up.


I got the deer skull glued on as well.


Up next was the horse. Painted her brown and used an airbrush with some black to finely mist the tail, mane, and her nose.


Both horses. ...wait, wrong horse!


There we go, both horses.



Did someone say "Bronco?"
Back to the base.

The fence posts are toothpicks which are just about the right diameter for fencing. They were given a wash of alcohol and india ink, then stained. Here's some experimenting of the stains.


The posts installed. I must have not taken photos of the graveling for the two track. It's fine model railroad ballast some fine sand/grout mixed in and sealed in place with scenic cement. The fence wire is 28ga. jewelry beading wire. That's CA'd to the posts, and some yellow paint dabbed on to simulate the electric fence insulators. I also added some foliage around the posts for further detail.


The horse was glued in place with some Tacky Glue. Now it's starting to look more like a field!


And in the words of Boylei Hobby, "then I painted the base with Black 3.0." It looks so much better with the black on the edges, I was on the fence (HAH) about it but I think it helps pull the eye in and keeps the brown edges from being a distraction.


After gluing the Bronco down, it was finished!








As stated above, I gifted the diorama to her last week and she absolutely loved it! I think I will be making more dioramas in the future as this was pretty fun.


Did someone say "Bronco?"
HA! That's amazing. Really nice job with the resin printed parts! They're so tiny.
Thanks! They're super tiny parts. Pretty much had to make sure I didn't have any caffeine or sugar 12 hours before I picked up the tweezers.