1/28 Fried Chicken?


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Recently, I picked up a Kyosho Mini-Z for some indoor entertainment this winter. If you haven't seen one of these in person, the quality of the model itself is top notch (which is nice considering the $200 price tag).
To keep it short and simple, I decided when the mini-z is parked it needed a little diorama. Bonchon is a delicious Korean fried chicken restaurant with a few locations here in the US, so I turned their storefront into a side panel for my Small Form Factor (SFF) PC case. It is not finished yet but it is close. If anyone is interested I can post some progress pictures.


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Googling 3D model fried chicken gives more hits than I expected (e.g. this one). So if you have access to a 3D printer, it shouldn't be too difficult. If not, there is probably someone on the forum who doesn't mind helping you with one of the more unusual requests here. :cool: