1/24th crawler course


I drank the MEK
Over the last month i have been picking away at a new course for at the store. To give us something to do over the winter. Also might be a neat spot for taking photos. I started with some lumber i had in the backroom and a feature rock that was made from foam that i had given to me.

I cut up and placed all the parts with spray foam to fill the gaps.

It was then suggested i build another table that nests into the main one and can be rolled out as needed.

It also doubles as storage for projects

The last week has been lots of painting, and not many photos. There still is lots more painting to try out. Its been like 20 years since i did anything with fine arts painting, so it will take a bit to pick up again.


I drank the MEK
Thanks everyone, its something that i have been picking away at while not busy at the store. I hope to be done around christmas time and start using it


I drank the MEK
I have been working on the pullout part of the course in between customers. As you can see i have been busy helping everyone else get their rc projects going. Not much time for my own. I hope to have it mostly finished up beside paint by the new year.



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oh this looks absolutley fantastic!!!!!
I want to buld a 1/24 course too but I first need to finish my Bronco project for the scx24 haha