1/10 mountian bike


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I am in search of a tutorial or way to purchase a 1/10 Mtb. I have seen many people with bikes but can’t find a nice one. Also thinking if fabricating a tailgate pad and was wondering if anyone has done that.


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Most of the 'finger bikes' i've run across in stores are BMX in 1/14 scale. Took forever to find something cool for my 1/14 van. (20" bmx, 24" bmx, 27" road, 26" tandem...)

I've found some better 1/10 Road and Mtb through online places that sell toys from asia. Highlights from first page of hits at Jungle Website for "1/10 mountain bike"




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Used to be able to find actual licensed brands. These have better wheels and detail than the ones i found on another direct from asia site / app.
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This is the one I see most often. It's detailed enough that it's best printed on a resin printer. I don't have one of those, so I have no experience with printing one and can't speak to the difficulties involved. You could probably buy one from Shapeways, but I'm not sure what that would cost.



The Knight Customs bike is great. It's fun to paint and detail. Takes a little work, but worth it.

There are some great 1/10 mountain bikes to be found on eBay, but the prices of the really detailed bikes can easily surpass $100. I have a Cannondale that is excellent, but these days it's the cost of new RC.


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Another vote for the James Knight bike. Just buy the Shapeways version unless you've got a resin printer. FDM won't cut it.


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There was a great one but now discontinued:

Cannondale Judge DH 1:8

1:8 makes a lot of sense for our trucks that are usually bigger than 1:10