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Thread: FWD drag car

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    madhatter Guest

    Default FWD drag car

    Sorry for the bad pic, but this is my scratch built drag car.
    Its got an aluminum pan and a mamba 6900 on 12 cells. It goes like a bat out of hell, but Im having a hard time finding tires that won't explode.:(

    If anyones interested I'll try and get some better pics.

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    gasncrawl Guest

    Default sweeeet

    nice car can i see more?
    i'm looking to build one my self
    not sure if i want to go batt. or nitro

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    Tired Guest


    I wanna see a tire explode !!

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    4mods Guest

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    Me too, how do the cells fit in, have an off body shot?

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    Yep, I'm interested for sure.
    I love this kinda stuff. I'm with tired lets see some video
    Some more images of the setup too.

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    Tired Guest


    Do you s'pose the 5700 and an 11.1 lipo would make a tire explode, I may try to recreate it if lots of those tires kickin around.........

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    madhatter Guest


    Sorry guys its been kinda hectic the last few days. I will try and get some pics here today with the body off. I don't have any video of it I don't think, but I'll check with a buddy of mine that has videoed some racing at his place and see what he has.
    As for the tires is cool but I really want to see what this thing could do.
    Specs are
    The mamba system of course
    I believe the trans is mostly old LOSI touring car
    the rear is alittle bit of everything (tlt, losi,stampede etc..)
    The rear wheels and tires are 1/18 grasshopper I think

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    madhatter Guest


    sorry its dusty but...thats what racing on the highway does.

    And you look at the pass front you can see bug guts it got on one of its passes.:Brunette:

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    4mods Guest

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    Thats sick man, thanks for posting those up. I love the bug guts!

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    mrb Guest

    Thumbs up no doubt on that one.

    The out of the box thinking of "I am just going to build it" is nice to see, good job.

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