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Thread: Return of the '72 Ford Escort Mk I: Redux Edition

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    Little Guy Guest

    Default Return of the '72 Ford Escort Mk I: Redux Edition

    Original link here...

    I was going to sell this body. Then I found out about Al's Scale basement nights. After we had dinner one day after I got off work, he talked me into looking at putting stickers on my car. Putting stickers on it totally transformed the appeal of the car itself. Then I ended up cutting out the lights and replacing them with lightbuckets from other cars. Add in a double-stacked spoiler with the raised supports, and suddenly... this car ain't in Kansas no more. Every time I look at it, I can't help but think about how much a boring old Kamtec body had been transformed from a homely looking vegetarian to a full blown carnivore. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

    P.S. I'm aware my plate is wrong. I wrote off my last RC car, and haven't had a chance to change the plate when I renewed my insurance.

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    spencertrax Guest

    Default Nice rig

    Seriously cool looking ride.

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    koomz Guest

    Default awesome

    love it man ..Id never let that go..sweet ride !

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    Jester Guest


    Wow, great pics! The action pics are da bomb:bugeyes: Awesome track set up.

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    soleslaw Guest


    Holy crap, those backgrounds are insane!! Where is this setup? All the people standing around with the trunk open, man, that's awesome

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    true-scalecrawler Guest


    wicked setup man!..... all them background cars rc's?....

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    promod Guest


    nice looks like a fun set up track!!!

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    Oct 2008
    Abbotsford, BC


    That track is in Als basement. He calls it Armature Alley. We're running there tomorrow night. It's in Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver. Definately a fun track. That's where I draw my inspiration from for my track. I've seen up to 8 people running on it at one time. That gets pretty hectic. It's not that big down there. It's kinda funny, but we all seem to find a spot to stand/sit.

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    wow that is a nice body. pics are awesome. i need to get out to Als house at least to check out his basement one day.
    is that body still for sale, or is it vintage?
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    Code454 Guest


    that basement is sick for sure, that is kinda what i want to do for my scale shop i want a gas station with the shop attached, that gives me great ideas

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