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Thread: How to apply large sticker/decals?? Help needed.

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    bubu1.0 Guest

    Question How to apply large sticker/decals?? Help needed.

    Question I have really crappy luck with these things applying large sticker/decals. Question is: Is it possible to use a mild soapy water to allow maneuvering of the sticker into place then squeegee the soapy water out with my finger to permanent cementing the sticker in place? The stickers are quite large and I dont want to deform the shape when trying to reposition the sticker. This is for a rally car and I have to shape the sticker to a uneven surface ie fender etc.
    Plus what soap would you use for this application so I dont eat the glue of the back of the sticker.

    Just wanted to ask before a fubar the stickers

    What do you guys do when applying stickers/decals

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    ForkliftJeff Guest


    You got it man! A mild soapy solution works awesome, same way they apply window tint on your car. Just use a little bit of dish soap and luke warm water in a spray bottle. Squeegee or press out the water after the decal is on and don't touch it till it dries or you will risk moving or tearing the decal.

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    true-scalecrawler Guest


    mmmmmm.....vinyl decals maybe.......ive never had good luck with stickers "sticking" after they've gotten wet....also depends on the type of sticker it is......glue, material...?...etc

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    Bar Crawl Guest


    Some glues are waterbased so it would ruin it.
    If you have a bit of an edge around the sticker that just gets tossed after removing it from the paper, use that on something with the mild soap method.

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    Yeah, not sure on this one either...vinyl for sure you can use this method....I'd be hesitant on Tamiya/HPI stickers. I'm about to do some decals this week and I'll try to test also.
    What product are you using?

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    bubu1.0 Guest


    Well after a few youtube vids and I went the hard way all dry all the way no lube it hurt for a bit but after awhile it was easy.
    Worked out well check out Rally Car forum for the Mitsubishi Evo Rally car thread.

    Thankyou very much for all your help guys/gals

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