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Thread: droop?

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    slogoin Guest

    Default droop?

    Any one running droop with no springs.Just real heavy oil???Comments would be appreciated.

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    madhatter Guest


    Im running a sorta droop. I have really small internal springs in my fj up front and it seems to work killer so far. Im just running regular axial oil that comes with the kit though.

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    Copious Guest


    I run a little bit of a thicker oil about a 50 wht. But I use elastic bands in place of the springs to hold the truck down. They may be ugly but they allow for instant tuning without having to tear down shocks.

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    threedogsracing Guest


    i have started runing semi-droop on my Venom Creeper with great sucess. I went to the local hardware store and got a box of assorted spings that fit INSIDE the shock body.

    Pull the shock apart.
    Place a soft spring about 3/4 the lenghth of the shock body inthe shock and replace the plunger/shaft.
    Now find a short spring and put it on top of the plunger inside the shock.
    cap the shock and fit to truck.

    The idea is the truck is riding on the small spring most of the time. This gives a nice low centre of gravity with a reasonably smooth ride. The long spring helps control the droop aspect of suspension travel The weight of the wheel/tyre set up pulls the wheel down against the spring keping it in contact with the ground.
    Sounds weird but works a treat,can be tuned by adding weight to wheels, changing springs or adding shock oil to slow movment.
    Added bonus is at full compression spings act as limiters for suspension travel allowing you to carry a wheel rather than drop it into a hole that it may get caught in.
    Also keeps a more standard ride hieght with scalers but adds articulation (taniya CC-01 rear end?)

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    crawlerpawl Guest


    I'm running full droop and use extension springs for the same reason Copious uses elastics...

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    Dec 2016


    My input. I like to run an internal and a bit lighter rate external spring. I always try to add weight (tubes, knuckle fixed rotors) to help the truck stay planted and this also aids in suspension cycling. I love this set up and have been running it with success for many years. The combo keeps your rig lower and really makes for a scale preforming suspension/rig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawlerpawl View Post
    I'm running full droop and use extension springs for the same reason Copious uses elastics...
    By "full droop" do you mean your shocks are completely compressed? How does that work since the shocks have to be able to cycle both up and down in order to work properly. All the suspension information I have ever seen say the shocks should be at around mid stroke while at static ride height.

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