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Thread: curious about painting lexan........

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    true-scalecrawler Guest

    Default curious about painting lexan........

    can i paint a lexan body on the outside?....... with car paint?.... my buddy is a painter and can spray it for me...
    but i need to know if the car paint will alter or warp the lexan..........
    any input would be great....

    rock on

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    pathfinder95 Guest


    from the outside no problem, but i don`t know about car paint, maybe too strong but

    if you paint from outside, you can put a silver coat from inside so when the outside paint is scratched, it shows like bare metal underneath

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    BCCrawlerZ Guest


    You can totally paint on the outside.. I always cut out the areas I want to paint first.. Remove the protective film in that spot.. etc.. But.. Do your first coat of paint in a lexan paint, and then after that you can use automotive paint no problem.. If you skip the lexan paint step it wont be near as durable..

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    true-scalecrawler Guest

    Default hmmm....... good ideas

    i just want a shiny finish... not flat....

    ive been told that lexan paint will dry flat if i paint the outside with it......

    what about rattle(spray) cans?..... i think they might be less harsh on tha chem compound in paint.??? if anybodys done this, pls let me know how it turned

    thnx again guys for all the help!!!

    everyone is pretty helpful and really nice on here!!

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    Copious Guest


    just paint it with lexan paint then hit it with some high gloss clear-coat.

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    Tired Guest


    ^^ what they said. Gotta use a Lexan paint for the Lexan. It chemically adheres somehow and is very hard to get off. The gloss coat (of whatever) seems to stick pretty good to the Lexan paint. If there is a specific automotive bumper paint, use that, cause the bodies tend to, uh, flex. Sometimes...

    Polishing compounds will work as well to get that showroom shine...

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    i just painyed my drift camaro with auto pray can paint it looked great i did paint it on the inside but the body flexed and was hit a few times now i have clear spots where the paint pealed off i did not use lexan paint was in a hurrey now i have to do it again

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    true-scalecrawler Guest

    Default kool!!!

    thanks you guys for all your help!:luxhello:

    i am slowly startin to love this site!!!!!!!!!.....

    i always hear what i want to hear when i ask a question.

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