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Thread: Hobbywing Quickrun Fusion 1800kv

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    Default Hobbywing Quickrun Fusion 1800kv

    Just sharing some of my thoughts about the system. Firstly it is pretty much silent, and secondly it is so smooth at any speed. I've ran it in my Grand Hauler and it is currently in my HPI Venture scale builders kit, I think it works really well in both rigs, though it is fast for a semi truck.

    You do need to move the steering and shift servo forward 1mm so it will fit.
    Quickrun Fusion by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr
    Quickrun Fusion by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr

    It is a little longer than a normal 540 can, but considering you no longer have a ESC to find a place to put it; I think it lends itself well to scale builds by freeing up space on the chassis. Like the Hobbywing 1080 brushed ESC the Fusion comes with a program box to tune it to your liking. The program box is easy to use, especially since you don't have to mess with bluetooth or an app. I think for the price for what you get it is worth checking out.


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    Absolutely love mine. If I have the room in a build for now on, this will be my first choice.
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