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Thread: Extending wires on Brushed ESC to the battery 🔋 ?

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    Question Extending wires on Brushed ESC to the battery 🔋 ?

    So I know it's Wrong to have more than 12 inches or 300mm long wires between A Brushless ESC and battery but I can't find anything on Brushed ESC's
    Also... is it critical that both positive and negative wires are the exact same length ?
    All help is much appreciated

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    No problem extending wires for brushed ESC, especially when we are talking about crawler right? Just make sure that the wire is wide enough, 12AVG should be enough. Solder well as always.

    Problem with brushless speed controllers is that they have this marvellous technology called variable-frequency drive what can and will take interference from other electronics, inner resistance of wires etc. when using very long wires. This is a short explanation, might not be 100% accurate but I hope it helps!

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    Hi Halme
    Thanks for the reply and info
    I had about 15 inches of battery wiring to the ESC for years on this truck SCX10 55 turn motor stock ESC etc...
    It was a longer battery feed because I had an "in line single pole single throw 40 amp master power" toggle switch fitted that I could access underneath the truck.
    Well I got rid of the switch and got the overall length back to 12 inches again

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