For the last six years I've been running this old Pro Line VW Baja Bug on my OG Traxxas Slash (seen here with experimental drift wheels I 3D printed that worked well, but wore out FAST)

While I love this body, (Baja bugs have always been a big thing for me ever since when I was a kid in the 90s and I found an old busted up die cast VW Bug toy at a yard sale as a kid and used my momma's dremel to turn it into a Baja Bug,) its old, battered, cracking and busted up and so time for retirement.

So, I went down to my Local Hobby Shop, Friendly Hobbies here in Las Vegas, and got a new copy of the same body, and tried doing a bit of weathering on the paint to make the paint itself look faded and the engine compartment look like greasy chrome. I think it turned out well, though I had some bleed through on my tape lines.

Its not perfect, and not finished, but I'm satisfied for my first ever full-airbrush paint job instead of rattle cans.