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    Been in the RC crawling hobby for several years now but most of the action around me is biased towards C2, C3, and Ultra. I built my first C1 rig last year from a SSD Trail King and it really fed my need to go more towards the scale side.

    Got an awesome deal on a Gelande Heritage pick-up and started the journey. I did all the typical thread locker and grease first. Everything but the T-case was greased but not a thread secured and a few loose screws.

    Then came the interior. Started with a flat clear. You would think that it would be easy to find a color matched paint. Tamiya does in a pearl coat which is more correct than the RC4WD color but I found something close at the local store. After some green here, some cream there and a few accents the interior was a close match.

    I like the rubber mirrors provided but couldn't keep them in place despite ShoeGoo, RVT silicone... The solution was longer screws and black nuts. Clamp the suckers down. Not noticable and works.

    Lights, there's 16 of them of all sizes and not a light kit to be found despite the listed part. Also RC4WD needs to use more/better glue on all magnets and light buckets. Lost a lens on the first run. Guess what else is nowhere to be found, replacement buckets. After some detective work with customer service new ones arrived from China. Built a light kit and and installed a controller.

    Time to order parts. The ESC was replaced with a HW1080. Found color matched steel wheels, some sliders and a winch bumper. The wheels are the same as Gmade SR04 wheels but from Injora. The sliders needed modification. Old D90 parts are not a direct fit. Also bought some Dick Cepek Mud Country tires, Dirt Grabbers didn't get it done.

    Made my own inner fenders from styrene and painted green. RC4WD inner fenders do not fit well in back.

    More to come.

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    Excellent looking Land Rover man. Smaller the tires the more challenging things get, lol. Interior is looking great.


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