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Thread: I think it maybe getting out of handm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmahh View Post
    And the needle goes in... lol

    So my neighbor stops by a few weeks ago. Getting a Crawler. Gonna start playing again.
    So here I am 3 weeks later and now 2500 plus in, lmao
    That's how it always starts. I got back into the hobby cause my buddy got a slash 4x4, I went out and picked up a reasonably priced brushless short course truck. And it hasn't stopped yet. Lol.

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    Hello again. It's been a little bit since I updated the build, so this is where I'm at. I installed a new lighting module due to the previous one letting out the magic smoke. This one is made by mytrickrc and it is amazing.

    The next thing was I installed a magnet under the hood cause I kept losing the hood clips. And my girlfriend suggested I put a magnet somewhere on the body. All of a sudden a light bulb moment.

    Then came the rebuilding of the whole body. Lol. So I repainted the whole truck. I liked the old paint but it kept chipping off. Also installed rc4wd wheels and tires. I went with the interco super swampers, and the black stamped wagon wheels. Then I mounted a new stinger to the front bumper and added a few other little things. I like the direction the truck is going now. It still is running stock motor and servo. Knock on wood. I know it's only a matter of time. oh, one more thing. I redesigned my grill. Now keep in mind I don't have a 3d printer. all of this is with hand tools and sand paper. Most of the little peices are bits of the model bronco parts tree.

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    I didn't like the tail lights so....

    So I found the tailgate of the model truck I grafted the interior and grill with.

    And I set out graft it too.

    I think it's turned out better than expected. Still needs a little work.

    Still have to sand prep and repaint the whole truck lol. Going to go with a copper color this time. Also have to reinstall the LED's.

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