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Wow that's quite a bit of parts assembled!! Under chassis view looks awesome, really digging it. Were you able to test the front geometry even though you have a bit of mechanical interference to file? Toe and camber throughout steering, bump steer, caster etc, did you get it dialed-in pretty good the first time? I guess with the 3d software you were able to test some of those movements?
Thanks! I didn't really test the geometry. Only tested the suspension travel and if the lower arm hits anything. With my CAD and skills I can't do any proper test. I'll have to move every part separately. Some of the steering interference can be fixed with shorter ball ends. Currently they are too long because I didn't have long enough turnbuckles. I should get some and then see how much I'll have to file.

I like these ball ends. https://fi.eurorc.com/product/9349/x...-49mm---open-4
Bit expensive but they are nice and small and they will help with the steering interference.

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It is cool that you found F1 parts to do the upper ball of the front MacPherson, that's also what I have found for my Escort. In my case I also used the part surrounding the ball, cutting off the remaining plastic and was left only with a small plastic receptacle that I had to somehow hold to the chassis at the top.
I got the idea of using F1 parts from your thread. First I was going to use same parts as you did but I found out that Xray F1 car used a bit smaller parts (6mm balls) and they didn't need any modifications. Also those Tamiya parts you used were harder to source. Xray parts were in stock where I do most of my RC shopping.


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Shocks from 1:18 Losi mini late model are very small and are a nice fit for scale 1:10 look. The springs are very soft and they have a threaded body so if it is a bit soft and the rear sags you can cheat with some more pre-load. In the pic they look just like regular 1:10 buggy shocks, but they are much smaller.

Those look nice! But it seems like they are discontinued. The rear of my car uses standard touring car shocks and springs and it got way more softer once I added some green slime and oil in the shocks. The front is nice and soft also and I have an assortment of springs at hand but I'll have to tinker with the suspension more when I have all the electronics in place and some weight on.