We are happy to now offer a high clearance trackbar(AKA panhard) for the Traxxas TRX-4!

Our 66.5mm M3 Threaded bars are perfect for building steering and suspension links where clearance is a major factor.

This bar was made to be a replacement for the TRX-4 panhard bar in conjunction with the longer Traxxas rod ends found in the TR1942 pack.
It helps you get clearance when you are messing with wheelbase or caster because it is much smaller than the factory piece.

PLEASE NOTE: It will NOT work with the stock TRX-4 Rod ends which use M4 thread.
You MUST use rod ends that are intended for M3 linkage.

Each bar is 3mm in diameter and features a black finish.
Threaded on both ends for M3 hardware.

Thanks for reading!