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Thread: 1/12 MN Models Defender 90 Heritage soft top

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    Default 1/12 MN Models Defender 90 Heritage soft top

    Got an MN90 a while ago, never ran it, had just opened to do some mods, but since we've been trapped inside due to the impending doom I have made some progress.

    Truck is mechanically stock except for "uograde" shocks which are terrible and a cool LED kit with front and rear lights.

    Since I'm going for a Heritage-like look I replaced the grille and added a 3D printed radiator.

    There's something cool about soft top rigs, so I cut most of the roof off and then made a soft top out of old nyco fabric, really thin. This was time consuming but came out ok I think.

    I've started some interior detailing but no pics yet.

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    Nice roof!

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    Really nice job on the soft top!

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    Well done!

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    Thanks everyone!
    More progress... After a long Dremel session Jyn has become the driver.

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    Finished the interior. Nothing too crazy, some colors on the dials and seats, aged some popsicle sticks and made a wooden floor for the bed. Now I have to 3D print some Pelican cases to put in there. Jyn needed more surgery to fit in the steering wheel but she looks comfy in there.

    Primed the body and did some surface prep. The Heritage grille is looking better than I thought.

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    Thanks to quarantine I've been making some progress. Painted the inside and outside of the body. Going to let this cure a couple of days before buffing it to see how glossy it can get.

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