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    Finally got my first semi build finished up. Just a stock Grand hauler at the moment with a few tweaks to the parts that come with the kit. I'm running a light kit from MyTrickRC, a genaric 2 channel radio and a Hobbywing ESC with the stock can motor. Trimmed the front bumper shorter and tucked it in to be even with the grill, miter cut the stacks and trimmed the visor. Made the air lines and electrical cable with some beading supplies my wife had laying around.

    Windcatcher was my dad's CB handle a long time ago.

    Light test by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr

    Grand Hauler by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr

    Grand Hauler by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr

    Windcatcher by Gordon Latimer, on Flickr
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    That's a real looker.

    Love the emerald green paint.
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