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Thread: Rear bumper extender for Scx 10 ii 2000 cherokee

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    Default Rear bumper extender for Scx 10 ii 2000 cherokee

    So I bought a new metal bumper to replace the stock plastic one and metal bumper mounts as well, everything fit fine, but when I put the body on the rear bumper is tucked underneath instead of protruding out the back. I searched around and the only thing I can find is this that is out of stock Does anyone else have any ideas that may help in place of that sold out mount? Also I'm new to rc and this is my first rodeo so have mercy on me lol.

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    Have you checked other shops? Looks like Amain has the RC4WD part in stock. Alternatively SSD makes an extension but itís not as long as the RC4WD.
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