Hey everyone, first off, thanks for clicking over and giving this a read! I'll try to provide as many details as possible.

This is my first post here, so if this should get moved to another section of the SBG, please let me know!

I figured the SBG community would be best place to ask as you guys seem to be be super creative at this

I recently got back into the RC hobby and the first truck I bought was the Associated DB8 as I figured it could wear lots of hats and be a fairly versatile rig. I'm also planning on getting into the racing side of things, as well as the crawler side.

The issue with the DB8 is that the parts are already becoming scarce which is complete malarkey but it is what it is.

First issue I gotta figure out: I need a new interior set for the cage on my DB8. It's already cracked and the interior set is discontinued and not available anywhere that I've seen. So the easiest way to solve this is if someone has 1 or 2 they'd like to part with, but more likely I'm going to have to find a new interior set to fit to my cage. The current set is 8" wide, and 10.25" long. So, does anyone have ideas for other interiors or have a DB8 interior they'd like to sell? I looked at the RR10 interior, but can't find dimensions of it anywhere. Does anyone have dimensions of various interior sets that are out there?

Second issue I gotta figure out: I'd love to have a better "bashing" body for this thing. Either one that goes over the current cage, or one that doesn't use a cage at all. Just something so that the cage and panels setup can stay a bit nicer. My first thought was one of the YETI bodies that Proline made for a bit (bug, jeep, raptor) and I've found some in Australia (eBay) but that's all I got. I think with some creative trimming I could get some other options to work well though. Ideally the body would measure ~ 18.5" long x 8" wide x 6" tall. Do you guys have any ideas for this?!

Again, thanks for reading this far and any helpful advice you can lend!