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Thread: Hard body finishing questions

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    Yeah anywhere that caters to plastic models or trains. Or if you are near a hardware store get MEK or PVC pipe primer.
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    I did what I could to get it smooth. The roof rack mount is drilled right through there so I'm just going to run with it not being perfect. Luckily if i don't like any of the paint or anything i can sand it off and go again.

    I am really wishing i decided on a single color. The black window trims and the yellow body is proving to be a painful headache for masking.

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    Are you in the USA? If so, just go to your local hardware store and ask for methyl ethyl ketone banned (MEK) and using a small brush (not a plastic brush, one with real hair) brush some onto your areas to seal them up.

    You also can get a glass and throw some small off-cut plastic pieces from parts trees or whatever, and some MEK into it, to make a liquid plastic, which you can fill those holes with, then sand smooth.

    Always use a respirator when working with MEK.
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    A drop of acetone should work too.

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    I've learned a few things from this adventure. I can sand the entire body down in no time now because I've done it a billion times, don't buy the cheapest thing on the market, MEK is HARD to find, knowing a body shop is glorious, Tamiya fine primer works best at keeping detail and adhesion, I'll never be a body guy.

    Honestly, I didn't realize MEK was being phased out of places. My local hobby shop didn't have any and didn't recommend what they did have, my local hardware store had some acetone that they suggested in its place, I wasn't driving all the way to a home despot or blowes. Thankfully I know a guy who owns a body shop who sent me to a auto body supply shop to get some.

    So I'm here tearing away my masking because I can't let that blemish go. Going to sand away a little more to make sure everything is super clean, mek it, glaze it smooth to the body line, sand it reprime it all, and hope for the best. You guys that make these beautiful flawless bodies have no idea how talented you are.

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