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Thread: antigacho custom UNIMOG / multibrand creation

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    luckland, Halme, imthatguy

    Thanks for your comments guys

    It means a lot comming from master builders like you


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    I finally finished the bumper

    I braze a skid plate to protect the servo winch, fortunately, after the brazing the angle was perfect and I had enough clearance under the servo winch

    I also include a couple of lateral supports, this is the ugliest part of this bumper. The brazin just doesn't looks good, but I don't want to redo this because I have the risk to melt the silver solder around the lateral supports,

    As you can notice my brazing skills aren't good enough so the overheating during the brazing broke the winch fairlead, I also have to correct the brazing of this little front rod

    After some sanding, this is the final result

    finally something really stupid

    I was cleaning the workbench and I placed the body cab in my seat to make some room during cleaning
    stupidly I totally forgot that the cab was in my seat so when I take seat again I crashed my body cab

    I want to cry, I feel so stupid, I will try to glue it but I´m afraid I have to order a new body

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    Oh the horror! If it helps, you are not the first one to break some bodies here! Maybe you could glue or plastic weld it but getting a new body is a good idea. Leave the old one for bashing.

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    that's an impressive list of parts. The truck had a great start. shame about that broken cab but it can be fixed

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    OHHH THAT SUCKS BALLS... Plastic weld should fix it for sure.

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    Another step forward on this building

    let's braze some tabs to mount the cab and the rear platform.

    Is always difficult to find the correct wat to hols the parts before brazing,

    This holder was helpful during brazing, it was made by a friend in the factory where I work, it will be helpful for future projects

    plates installed

    I am also including the support for the Powershift RC NR TANK D.M.S UNIT

    This is how the cab looks mounted I have to drill some holes to secure the cab using screws. I am not shure id a couple of lateral screws will be enough to secure it, Or maybe I have to build some kind of additional supports to the cab

    I also receive the 3d printed parts where the electronics are going to be mounted; I am not happy with the green color but I can paint it later, I have to drill some holes to secure the 3d printed parts to the chassis rails.

    next step is take the recently made steel parts to the painting shop for black powder coating, meanwhile, I can work with the front lights for the cab

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    During the built of the rear cage, I burned some rod ends
    this is because some parts were brazed while it were bolted directly to the chassis
    fortunately I didn't damage the vanquish axles or shock bodys

    let's change that burned plastic

    I also will take this opportunity to install the Samix TRX-4 Brass Shock Spring Cups and Boom Racing BADASS Pivot Balls.. very good quality and less slope, I really recomend this pivot balls

    I also want to show off the fresh powder coating applied to the bumper and rear cage recently made

    paintwork just cost me $40 pesos ( $2 USD) at local paint workshop

    I am also building some headlight for this project,

    update soon

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    I need the help of the masters builders for Technical question:

    I am dealing with the wiring for my Unimog project.

    I have a bunch of things to connect including the ProTek RC 370TBL HV servo paired with castle creations waterproof BEC. All will be powered by 5000mAh 50C 3s lipo battery

    My question is.
    It is safe to use a single castle BEC to power 2 different devices?
    This is because I'm am also installing a rear winch using the rcw4d wireless controller RC4ZS1092 who is intended to be connected directly to the battery but at 11.1 v max
    Fully charged 3s battery supply 12.3 v so the use of an additional BEC is recommended by RCW4D
    As I mentioned I already have a BEC for my HV servo but I need another? Or can I just connected both devices to the BEC using a "Y" this is like using the Holmes Hobbies Dual RX bypass adapter

    this is the diagram for the intended connection

    please help me to confirm if this may work or I have to get an extra BEC exclusively for the winch controller

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    I finally finished the wiring, at the end and after some suggestions from users at RC Builds, Scalers, and Crawlers Facebook group I just plug the BEC castle link out to power the RC4WD rear winch

    It takes al least one-week figuring out how to manage the wiring mess,

    This is the list of electronics installed on this rig

    Tekin RX4 Hardbox Waterproof Sensored / Sensorless D2 Crawler ESC TT2000 $159.90
    Tekin ROC412EP BL Crawler Motor 2300kv TEKTT2623 $139.99
    Futaba R304SB T-FHSS 4-Channel Receiver FUTL7680 69.99
    Gens ace 5000mAh 11.1V 50C 3S1P HardCase Lipo Battery $55.42
    Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Waterproof BEC Voltage Regulator (15 Amp) CSE010-0153-00 $45.99
    ProTek RC Braided Brushless Motor Sensor Cable (150mm) PTK-2108 $5.49
    ProTek RC 370TBL "Black Label" Waterproof High Torque Brushless Crawler Servo PTK-370TBL $159.99
    Powershift RC Technologies Night Killer Series Big Square Light Pods PWR-01 $16.99
    MyTrickRC High Power Spotlights w/Mounting Hardware
    HeyOK Performance The Lighting Controller HEYTLC $55.99
    Powershift RC PST-300 servo winch series
    Powershift RC Technologies Nitrogen Tank DMS Dead Man PWR-0108 $39.99
    Powershift RC Technologies PST Flush Mount Tailights
    MT3608 DC-DC Step Up Power Apply Module Booster Power
    Eagle Eye COB LED Amber Car Daytime Running
    this rear searchlight is on the way pending to be mounted (Spotlight Taillight)

    some pictures of the final wiring

    I tried to waterproof my electronics applying silicon conformal coating prior installation

    I designed this custom receiver box

    Inside this box I placed the receptor, the servo winch controller, the lighting controller and the power booster module

    I mounted the BEC on a custom plate that I made using a piece of metal, the rc4wd rear winch controller was mounted using doule sided tape

    Notice the ESC plate that I designed using Tinkercad. perfect software for newbies like me,

    I like the look of the tail lights and rear winch after ,mounting

    I lost the 3d printed valves included on the dead man switch (power tank)
    So using some plastic form axial parts trees I carved new scales valves, not the same design than originals but it looks good enough

    I also modified the dead man swiths, originaly it include magnets, but In my experience that tends to fail so I installed an xt60 plug instead

    I am using the MT3608 power boost module to supply 11v to the custom made headlights instead of the usual 6v from receiver

    after some testing I confirmed that electronics work propertly, my unimog is alive :ror:

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    Really cool build. Afraid I can't help with BECs but looks like you've got it sorted anyway!

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