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Thread: antigacho custom UNIMOG / multibrand creation

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    After 97 days I finally received the steel links for this project. I really hate the service of "Correos de mexico"

    Those are by far the most expensive parts ordered for this project, custom links $142.45 +33.60 shipping + $25 USD taxes = $201.05 usd
    I almost feel stupid for paying so much

    This is what I received:

    During rod ends installation I notice a missing rod end. super expensive parts and I receive it incompleted:x, fortunately, I have some spares in my toolbox

    High clearance links installed, using these links, the wheelbase for my project is now settled, so I can continue with the building

    links look definitely burly and durable, apparently twisted steel links include a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking under normal use, I just hope that International customers will be covered too.

    almost 3000 USD invested in this project, I
    I hope my wife never finds these costs. I don't want to spend more :cry:

    next steeps

    - Electronics installation
    - Servo winch installation adapting my custom winch mount
    - Get some tools for brazing (table vise, mapp gas, welding magnets) I already have the rest of the material including a rod bender
    - Design and build body mounts
    - Design and build the custom bumper
    - Scratch build the back of the body
    - body painting
    - interior design and build

    a lot of work to do

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    another steep on this building

    the custom servo winch/body mount build

    on my first attempt building this part I notice that it doesn't fit well when I drill the holes and mount the servo winch

    so I decided to star over and braze the parts together instead bending the stainless steel plate

    the result was much better

    after some hours trying to figure out how to mount the Unimog cab, I realize that some mods to the servo winch mount may help to mount the body too so I braze additional tabs (pig hears) to the servo mount so I can embed the body to the chassis using a couple of screws in the front.

    My intention is to attach the cab to the roll cage using some custom tabs brazed to the roll cage and a couple of screws to secure the body in place

    so the front body mount plus the back screws may be enough to securely hold the body, I hope that will work!

    I am a slow builder

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    I finally had some time to continue with this project

    this is going to be about how I build the rear roll cage for this rig

    My initial intention was to replicate the "Team Jccmog" Unimog but the wheelbase on my chassis is longer, so the original design of two straight rear bars look awkward on my model

    So I thought about adding a rear winch to fill the space so now I have to design and build a custom real roll cage

    first I built the structure that fits in the back of the cab

    then I build the back cage support, this part includes the winch line fairlead and the mounts for the Powershift RC Technologies PST Flush Mount Tailights

    then rear roll cage is going to have 6 support plates, 2 in the front 2 in the middle and 2 in the back

    the BPC GenX Steel Rail Chassis has several mount holes, so I can fix the roll cage on them

    Now that I know where the supports are going to be located, I can continue with the brazing

    to avoid offsets in mounts I decided to screw the lateral tabs/supports to the chassis and the braze the roll cage. I noticed later that the powder coating applied to the chassis was a little bit burned, also a couple of plastic rod ends were burned but I can replace it later

    fortunately, after the brazing the fit was perfect.

    now let's braze the front support for this roll cage.

    In my opinion, the most difficult part is to build the parts prior to brazing. you have to make the parts fit properly before brazing, also you have to find a way to keep the parts in place during the brazing

    notching the steel rod is difficult if you don't have the right tools, I am working with the following tools

    I have to find a way to reinforce the structure so let's build a couple of lateral supports

    after this, I can finally braze the long rear bars

    Now I can add some extra supports and details including the fairlead for the rear winch

    I am going to use a different steel rod diameter for the winch hook holder and for the upper lift plates where I going to install a pulling strap

    finally, let's build a different fairlead for the rc42w winch

    this is the final result

    the rear cage is almost completed, I have to fabricate some kind of body mounts and a couple of supports for reverse lights

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    I am a slow builder, been an office worker I don't have time to work on this during the week and the weekends I am usually busy practicing rock climbing or playing with my other rigs

    Actually, this the building is stuck, I am debating the best way to build a bumper and install the body

    I have a problem with the battery position because is mandatory to remove the cab to have access to the battery, I think that some kind of hinge would work but I have to build the bumper first

    I am planning a bumper (screwed) bolted the chassis rails

    this are my options

    since I have to remove the cab to have access to the battery sadly the cab roll cage is not an option

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    I began the building of the front bumper

    it is inspired on the Sülysáp 4x4 Team Unimog

    materials used

    stainless steel 3/16 rod (I got it at a local store)
    Steel Key Stock, 1/8" Thickness, 1/4" Width, 12"
    Steel Key Stock, 1/8" Thickness, 3/8" Width, 12"

    First I made the lateral mounts using the 1/4 width steel, I drilled a hole to the lateral bars to mount the main lower bar, centering the hole was difficult because I don't have a bench drill so I used a small drill and then I Use my Dremel to correct the misplaced holes

    I use the 3/8 thickness steel to fabricate the front part of the bumper, it takes me a couple of hours to make it fir together before Silber brazing

    I made a lot of mistakes during silver brazing because it was difficult to keep the parts in place during the process, to be honest, I am not totally satisfied with this work but I don't want to repeat it and I don't have more plain steel bars for another try, so I am going to keep this and continue the building

    I didn't finish this, next step is to brace/solder the light covers or reinforcements for the bumper, I going to use 3mm stainless steel rod for that

    I have been racking my brain about the cab mounting and battery access.
    at this point, I am not sure if the mounts on the winch base will works

    Initially, my idea was to replicate the TeamJccmog Unimog building an integrated bumper + Exo cage for the cab, but I thought that a moving bumper doesn't provide enough protection or will to fail, My mistake but I will keep that idea in my mind for the future, rebuild is always possible

    Now I have to finish the bumper and instead of building a cage for the cab I have to build some kind of support for the upper spotlights that I pretend to mount, Maybe I can extend that support to secure the cage to the shock towers

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    I will continue the bumper fabrication later

    meanwhile. one of my friends had access to a 3d printer and he can help me to print some parts, so using Tinkercad I design a basic ESC mount and electronics case for this project

    I will try to go there and order the 3d print next week

    I am using the Tekin RX4 ESC

    STL file available at

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    Finally some progress with the bumper.

    this is where I left the work the last time

    to complete the bumper I have to braze 6 little rods to protect the front lights, Also I have to install the fairlead for the winch

    first lest brace the upper section

    FAIL, I don't like how it looks, very tall in my opinion

    I have to shorten the length of the sides and braze again

    now it looks better

    the right side is done, let's work with the left. the most difficult part is to notch the steel parts to make it fit together prior to brazing, a lot of correction and Dremel work is necessary.

    After the brazing, I noticed that the parallel bars are not perfectly symmetrical but correcting that little offset implies a lot of extra work so let's leave it like that

    Next step, build and brace the winch fairlead

    I also have to install some little fairlead to the servo winch mount this is to avoid the contact of the winch line with the body, I am worried about brazing this little part because I don't want to overheat and break the previous brazing

    After drilling the holes to mount the bumper I notice a little offset in the position of the fairlead, it must be placed a couple of millimeters to the left, lest braze it again, do you notice the difference?

    I also fabricate and brazed a couple of stainless steel tabs to mount the spotlights

    I like the final work, but it is not complete, I have to fabricate some kind of skid plate to protect the lower part of the servo wich

    After that, I have to find a way to mount the cab.

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    Mean lil Mog with evil attitude in the making! Nice to see how you did the metal works, it sure can be annoying and satisfying at the same time.

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    Great metal work. You really have the skill. The bumper looks awesome!

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    This is pretty fantastic! I love all the attention to detail on the metal work.

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