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Thread: antigacho custom UNIMOG / multibrand creation

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    Default antigacho custom UNIMOG / multibrand creation

    Hello from Mexico

    This is going to be a boring thread, basically, because this project is a long term building that I started back in March 2019,

    I have some experience with my first crawler, a hilux truggy but I cannot resist the temptation to build another, this time a UNIMOG

    since I live in Mexico this hobby is really expensive for me, this is because is impossible to find the parts that I need at my local hobby shop so I have to pay always expensive shipping cost, also the Mexican peso is so devaluated VS US dollar so I can not invest a huge quantity on a single order

    The following pics are the inspiration for my build

    Team Jccmog

    I just order a couple of parts the next post will be the "Vehicle Build Sheet" to keep a record of the parts that I already ordered

    I'm a newbie on this hobby but I am totally hooked to RC car building, I'm never going to buy an RTR again,

    I will really appreciate your suggestions and tips for this building, searching online and youtube are my main source of information for this hobby, the shared building experience on this forum has been really helpful for me, I really envy the huge RC community that exists in the USA and how you help each other on this hobby

    finally, sorry about my bad English skills

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    I am going to use the Vehicle Build Sheet, shared by

    that will be very helpful for this build.

    the following are most of the parts that I am using on this project


    Vanquish Products Currie Portal F9 SCX10 II Front Axle Black Anodized VPS08350 $299.999
    Vanquish Products Currie Portal Overdrive Gear Set VPS08353 $32.99
    Ruddog Aluminum Offset Servo Horn (Black) (25T-ProTek/Ruddog/Savox) RDGRP-0085 $11.99


    Vanquish Products Currie Portal F9 SCX10 II Rear Axle Kit (Black) VPS08360 $199.99
    Wertymade Vanquish Currie F9 Rear Skid Plate WTY-WM-75 $34.99


    SuperShafty Bombproof Transmission for Axial SCX10 & SCX10.2 (5mm OutPuts) SS1010C $199.95
    SuperShafty Exclusive Bombproof MIP HD Driveline - *1 Axial SCX10.2 RtR kit* SSHDSCX102R $69.95
    ATOP RC Aluminum Center Skid Transmission Plate for SCX10 II AT-SCX10II-03 $17.08


    Mercedes Benz Unimog U 406 Hardbody (B-006) $109.00
    Front Bumper for Unimog 406, 416 DOKA (X-068) $20.00
    Wipers for Unimog 406, 416 DOKA (X-067) $5.00
    Door Handle for Unimog 406 (X-066) $3.00
    Mercedes Unimog / Universal Fenders, (F-004) $15.00
    Mercedes Unimog Snorkel (S-009) $12.00
    Mercedes Unimog Flexible Mirrors (M-010) $8.00
    RC4WD Axial SCX10 Universal Front Bumper Mounts RC4ZS0987 $9.99


    Tekin Hotwire 3.0 Bluetooth USB Interface TT1452 $57.65
    Tekin RX4 Hardbox Waterproof Sensored / Sensorless D2 Crawler ESC TT2000 $159.90
    Tekin ROC412EP BL Crawler Motor 2300kv TEKTT2623 $139.99
    Futaba R304SB T-FHSS 4-Channel Receiver FUTL7680 69.99
    Gens ace 5000mAh 11.1V 50C 3S1P HardCase Lipo Battery $55.42
    Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Waterproof BEC Voltage Regulator (15 Amp) CSE010-0153-00 $45.99
    ProTek RC Braided Brushless Motor Sensor Cable (150mm) PTK-2108 $5.49
    ProTek RC 370TBL "Black Label" Waterproof High Torque Brushless Crawler Servo PTK-370TBL $159.99
    Powershift RC Technologies Night Killer Series Big Square Light Pods PWR-01 $16.99
    Slidelogy 5mm LED White Headlights 4 LED For 1/10 On-Road Drift Car SDY-0126 $1.90
    Slidelogy 3mm 5mm LED Orange & White Headlights 4pcs For 1/10 On-Road Drift Car SDY-0127 $1.90
    HeyOK Performance The Lighting Controller HEYTLC $55.99
    HeyOK Servo Winch (3-Position) HEYSVWN3 $52.99
    Powershift RC Technologies Nitrogen Tank DMS Dead Man PWR-0108 $39.99
    MyTrickRC High Power Spotlights w/Mounting Hardware MYK-FT4 $12.99


    Team DC 1:10 Aluminum 1.9 inch Armory Version Beadlock Wheels DC-50973 $48.00
    RC4WD Mud Basher 1.9" Scale Crawler Tractor Tires (x4) RC4ZT0115 $49.98
    Voodoo KLR/M - 1.9 (x 2 ) $64.00
    Voodoo 'PLUS10' 1.9 True 3 Stage Foams (for trucks over 10 lbs) (x2) $30.00
    Superstition Machine Works SMW 1.9 Beadlock wheels (4) SMW19BL $139.99
    Vanquish SLW HEX HUB - SLW 475 VPS01042 $29.98
    AVID. Axial SCX10 II RTR Bearing Kit AV-AXL-SCXIIRTR $22.00
    Robinson Racing Absolute 32P Hardened Pinion Gear (13T) RRP1713 #5.49


    BP Custom GenX Steel SCX10 Chassis Rail Kit BPCGEN6RS $74.99
    BP Custom SCX10 CMS Kit BPCSCXCMS $19.99
    BP Custom SCX10 Shock Relocation & Lowering Kit BPCSCXSHCK $12.49
    Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm) x 2 PRO6316-01 $115.98
    Hardcore RC SCX10. 2 stainless 10 pcs link kit, S bend SKU 00002 $60.00
    BP Custom Winch Servo Mount w/Integrated Fairlead BPCWNCHMNTFL $13.50
    Twisted Steel RC LLC custom link set $142.45


    Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch $1414 Pesos
    Harris Safety-Silv 56% 1/16 Silver Solder Brazing Alloy 1 Troy Ounce 75310 5631 $25.88
    Shop Tuff MR-01 Mighty Rod Bender MR-01 $673 pesos
    Stanley Mini Esmeriladora Profesional 4-1/2 pulg 710W STGS7115-B3 $675.80 pesos
    6mm Tube Bender For Plumbing Refrigeration Copper Aluminum Pipe 180° Degrees $10.09

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    the antigacho Unimog building project officially begins, I'm going to start this project ensembling the parts that I already have

    So let's build the Vanquish Products Currie Portal F9 SCX10 II Rear Axle Kit

    Basically, you just need the basic metric hex drivers 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm, and 5.5 and 7mm nut driver, you also want to have some marine grease for gears and oil for bearings.

    Be carefully selecting the bearing size during building, I notice that I made some mistakes installing the bearings. a Vernier Caliper tool was helpful

    an hour later this if the final result

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    continue working with the axles

    Vanquish Products Currie Portal F9 SCX10 II Front Axle
    Vanquish Products Currie Portal Overdrive Gear Set

    You only will need the basic RC hex drivers and hex nut tools to put this together

    It was an easy job up to the steep when I had to install the up and bottom portal gears, My intention was the install the Portal Overdrive Gear Set, but I can't make it fit inside the compartment, the size of the gears apparently is not compatible

    After some measures and teeth counting I notice that I have the wrong gears, I confirm that because according to Vanquish website the portal axles have a gear reduction of 1.67:1 (18/30) and they recommend the Optional Overdrive Ratio of 1.4:1 (20/28) for the front axle only.

    So I double check the gears included and I notice this

    my front portal axles include these gears:
    top.....20 teeth x2
    bottom.....28 teeth x 2

    Portal Overdrive Gear Set includes these gears:

    20 teeth x2
    30 teeth x 1
    28 teeth x1

    So I found that my front portal axles already include the Optional Overdrive Ratio of 1.4:1, (20/28) not the usual reduction of 1.67:1, (18/30); and the Portal Overdrive Gear include wrong size gears. So double mispackaging

    I wrote to explaining the situation, to see if they can help me. I had found that most of the time companies do not support to international customers, let's see what they will comment about it, I don't know if they can Help me because I ordered these parts at amain hobbies and RPP hobbies

    At least I could finish assembling the axles so while I wait for the Vanquish reply I can continue with the building of this project

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    I don't have a manual to follow for this building so I found some photo referencces at Instagram looking for #BPCChassis, I know that there are some awesome chassis altertives out there like toyzuki, brazinscalerc, TSS SCXHR CHASSIS, Northwest Scaler Designs SCX10 II Stainless Steel Truggy Frame Rail Set, Xtreme Racing Axial SCX10 3mm Carbon Fiber Frame Rails, etc but I like the BP Custom GenX Steel SCX10 Chassis Rail Kit because It has multiple shock positions alternatives and according to description it is compatible with portal axle configurations.

    The wheelbase information for this chassis is not available at amain hobbies so I got in contact with Bruce Pease through the "contact us" section at BPC website, he kindly answer that I can go from under 12 in to 12 and 1/2, 13 inches on the wheelbase depending on what lower links I run

    The BPC chassis is compatible with scx10 geometry so apparently, any center skid plate will work I choose the ATOP-RC Aluminum Center Skid Transmission Plate

    I am planning to build this rig under the usual 313mm wheelbase (12 inches 1/4). now I am afraid that it will be too long, considering that the Unimog cab is very short, I don't know I will deal with that later

    This is how the supershafty transmission looks mounted, looks good next to the Tekin motor.

    I'm considering to paint or powder coat the chassis rails, but I am not sure if that would be really necessary. to be honest I like the raw appearance

    After mounting the transmission and motor I hope that the front and rear driveshafts could clear the X braces, otherwise, I have to adjust the battery location.

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    I received this small but expensive part: $35 USD for this little skid plate, WTF wertymade!

    I don't know if it will act against performance but at least, it will provide some protection against scratches on the rear axle

    Wertymade Vanquish Currie F9 Rear Skid Plate

    The skid bolts on to the F9 Portal rear axle but the part that I receive just don't fit, it has some solder residues and requires some Dremel work to make it fit. I didn't expect that for such an expensive part but I don't want to deal with returns so I will keep that

    Small update, Vanquish Customer service Replies and sent me the missing gears, Kudos for international customer support

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    Some electronics still on the way but now that I have the chassis ready I can continue with the building

    After assembly I notice that the geometry looks kind of weird, links seem a little bit long for the chassis

    If I compare the shock position on this build with the usual SCX10II geometry is easy to notice that the shock are not perpendicular to chassis and wheelbase looks a little fit offset. that offset is more evident in the back than in the font

    The difference in geometry is also noticeable if I compare this chassis next to my other rig

    I don't know how it will affect the performance but now I am not sure if I should continue the building with the actual 313mm (12.3 in) wheelbase or order new links for a shorter wheelbase

    According to PBC staff, this chassis should work from 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches wheelbase but in my opinion, the actual 12.3 wheelbase looks long,
    Using the length of the actual links I have to mount the cab at the very front of the chassis to make it fit.

    What do you think?

    How to select the ideal wheelbase?

    Now I face some problems
    1) Select the ideal wheelbase and order the correct links size or take the risk and build under the current wheelbase
    2) Order some Vanquish 350 or greater SLW Hex Hub or drill the current ones to make it fit (I found this useful tutorial for that: Drill press rim mod's with VP hubs)

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    I have to order new links to solve the issue with the links-axle-shock geometry. this is a problem because I can't return the unused parts, international shipping is always expensive and soo slow, at least on Mexico side

    another problem

    the hex hubs on my wheels do not match with the portal hexes,
    the silver hub is what I need the black hub is what the team DC wheel uses, totally different size and mount style

    I don't know if I would be able to adapt to the hub or not. I definitely want to use a military-style wheel for this build so I have to find an alternative compatible with Vanquish SLW hub

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    I ordered some custom size links for this rig

    the most expensive pieces of threaded rod steel that I have ever bought $142.45 usd +33.60 shipping

    I hope not no regret about that, I'm expecting to modify the wheelbase to 12.0 inches and decrease the inclination on the front shocks

    the new links will be made by Twisted Steel RC LLC. I have been in communication via facebook with Eric. Expensive parts but great customer service so far.

    I have to update the parts list.

    Still waiting for the ESC ordered at RC mart (55 days in transit)
    also waiting for the servo ordered at Amain hobbies (39 days in transit)

    Maltida sea!!!, Correos de México es tan lento e ineficiente, problemas del tercer mundo

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    I receive the ESC but unfortunately the amain parcel that included the BEC and servo is lost, fortunately, amain hobbies give support to international customers and they replace my order, that means another month waiting for electronics.

    But I receive another parcel, also from amain hobbies, (I love when my friend the postman knocks the door) Some tires for my unimog

    I realize that KLR/M tires are not the ideal for this project so I will pair that with SMW beadlocks and left it as spare for my rigs

    I found some tires really similar to the ones used on the real Unimog that I am using as an inspiration RC4WD Mud Bashers

    so let's mount it on Team DC Armory Version Beadlocks

    I will use the Voodoo True 3 Stage Foams

    38 little screws per wheel, so 152 screws later ...

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    I finally received the foams for my KLR/M's

    I also ordered the Superstition Machine Works 1.9 wheels, I'm not sure if I want to use it on my Unimog o maybe keep these tires as spare for my Truggy

    Easy to install beadlock wheels

    now let's mount the vanquish slw hubs

    this project has had many breakes, despite I already ordered all the parts some parcels takes months to arrive, I really hate the Mexican postal service

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    You will need an 8mm nut driver for vanquish portal axles, so you want a tool machined down enough to fit inside of an slw hub

    You can spend on the Vanquish 8mm nut driver with the handle or just modify a cheap tool to make it fit

    I chose that option

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    The uber-expensive links from Twisted Steel RC LLC. still in the way 70 days and counting, I'm afraid they are lost but still having my fingers crossed

    I need those links to set up the wheelbase length and then build the bumper, body mounts, and rolling cage.

    In the other hand and regarding the winch for this project, Initially, I ordered the HeyOK Servo Winch (3-Position) at that was the last June 17th but the package still in transit, so I am afraid it is lost, I hope they support me otherwise I will have lost 100 dollars for that order

    Tired of waiting I decide to spend again to buy another winch, so after some research, I found the Powershift Rc Technologies PST-300 servo winch, I notice that offers very competitive international shipping rates so I ordered the winch there, surprisingly only 14 days later I received that winch,
    Here is my driver showing the new parts

    Initially I ordered the BPC servo winch mount but I realize that it was impossible to find a servo mount that works specifically for this project so I decide to make one. Scratch building time!

    I went to home depot and got an Electrical outlet box, I cut it out to make a couple of prototypes that do not work

    Then I found a steel plate in the garbage so I bend it cut it to make the servo-winch mount, I take a lot of measures to make it fit, space for clearance is very tight

    I also build a little plate to mount the BEC. next step is to make the holes for M3 screws I don´t have a bench drill just a cheap black and decker drill so I have to do my best to make precise holes. I Hope not to mess it up

    Finally, I make a styrene receiver box for my electronics, I have to fit in the receiver, the lights controller and the winch controller, and some servo wires I also have to use the balloon method for waterproofing so I am afraid that this box will be a little bit small, maybe I have to build another

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